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Common Pregnancy Myths

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Pregnancy myths can put pregnant mothers in confusion and increase their concern. If you are pregnant, you must follow your doctor’s advice only and do not believe in myths. If any doubts arise in your mind after coming across the pregnancy myths, you must consult your doctors. Read on for breaking the common pregnancy myths.

When anyone gets pregnant, she has to hear a lot of things from elders in the family, neighbourhood and from almost anyone who comes across this fact. It is not that all that your elders tell you are true. Many of them have no scientific background or logic behind and they can be considered as mere myths. You must learn what is true and has some common sense in following it.

Few Common Pregnancy Myths

Here are some of the common pregnancy myths.

Do not Disclose the Secret of Pregnancy for First Few Months

There is no reason behind this myth. The elders especially females of your family will advice you to keep your pregnancy a secret for the first trimester simply because there is not ill effect on it. They fear that an evil eye of anyone may cause in miscarriage. This is completely baseless. Miscarriages have their own reasons behind and no one else has to do anything.

Eat for Two People

This is completely groundless. Just because you are pregnant and you are bearing a child, this does not mean that you have to eat double the course you normally have. However, you have to take care of your health and pay extra attention to food and nutrition. Of course, you require 300 extra calories daily and this you have to take care of.

Eating Rich Food will Help you Have Smooth Delivery

This is absolutely a myth because rich food will only add up fat to your body and this will rather make it difficult to deliver the child. If your weight is less and you need some ghee or butter and you are advised by a doctor, you should take some. Otherwise stay away from ghee, butter and oily food items. You have to pay attention to nutrition that is it.

You Should do Only Low Intensity Activities

Your body can handle many things apart from walking. Take suggestions from your doctor and stay normal doing usual activities. You simply have to be little cautious in some of the activities.

Food Items Influence the Skin Tone of the Baby

Many would-be mothers are put off from taking iron supplements just because they are said to darken the skin tone of the child. On the contrary, iron supplements are extremely important during pregnancy and it saves the mother and the child from various complications. Some are advised to have saffron in milk or take oranges during pregnancy so that the child is fairer. Remember, skin tone depends on the genes and food items have nothing to do and cannot change the original colour.

No Sex During Pregnancy

This is also completely unjustifiable. Whether the couple wants to get indulged in sex during pregnancy depends on their personal opinion and choice. It also depends on the health, comfort level and doctor’s advice.

Shape and Size of the Belly can Determine Whether it is a Boy or a Girl

If this was true ultrasound machines and professionals attached to it will have to look for another profession. In fact the shape and size of the belly depends on various factors like the built of the woman and the position of the baby.

These are some common myths that are baseless and without foundation of knowledge and common sense. If you have any doubt during pregnancy, it is better you consult with your doctor and follow her advice.
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Teesha.3 years ago
I think there is no harm if we believe in some myths if it helps the baby. Like not telling about the pregnancy. this is a harmless myth and was originated to ward off evil eye.
anika.3 years ago
surprised to know that these myths still exist ion our modern society. we should not believe in them
jonita.3 years ago
good article.. but one should not believe in them. it is better to have a scientific approach.
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