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Pregnancy Don'ts

pregnancy The Normal Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, you should be aware of the pregnancy don’ts. You must strictly follow these tips so that the growth and development of your baby inside your womb is not restricted. Read on to know more about the pregnancy don’ts right here.

When you are pregnant and expecting your first child, you are extremely concerned with your baby’s health. Most of us know that alcohol and drugs should be avoided. But do we know about the things and activities that we carry out in our daily lives and they are hazardous for a pregnant woman?

However, you do not have to be paranoid when you are pregnant. You do not have to put yourself completely away from things or put yourself in a glass bottle. You simply have to avoid simple risks. It is on usual and normal case. Only those women who suffer from complications are suggested precautionary measures by the doctor.

Too Much of Tea and Coffee

You must have read about the bad impact of tea and coffee on the baby. On one side some say that they are extremely dangerous and should be avoided almost completely while on the other side many say, there is no problem. However, the fact is that too much of tea and coffee is harmful for the child in the womb. This means if the amount increases 300 milligrams of caffeine a day. So you can limit your coffee intake to 1 –2 cups of tea or coffee or a few cans of soda a day. Check the label before you use the soda because many types of non-cola also contain caffeine.

Dealing with Pets

Usually people are unaware that the cat’s litter can result in miscarriage, premature labour pain or some serious health problems in the child. If you have a cat as your pet, you have to be extra conscious and wash your hands after touching your cat or working in the garden. Take precautions while feeding the cat and do not serve it undercooked meat. You should also wash your hands properly as often as you come across your pet. Stay away from the cat’s litter and it will be the best thing if your mate takes care of this for the next nine months.

Avoid Certain Food Items

When you are pregnant you need to avoid certain food items especially that are uncooked, fried and kept in unhygienic way. Avoid excessively spicy food items like chutney, pickle, and papad.

Avoid Certain Lifestyle

You should avoid high heels, tight clothes, over exertion, driving and traveling long distances during pregnancy. Hot baths or to be precise hot tubs should be completely avoided during pregnancy. Bathing is fine, it’s only the temperature of the water that should be taken into consideration as it increase the core temperature of the woman’s body and that harms the development of the child.
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Shashi.3 years ago
nice informative article but i want some more details...
Kumud Saini.3 years ago
Could you please explain in detail about which food items to avoid in pregnancy....Can eating paneer cause any harm?
Sulbha.3 years ago
It is very important to know what to avoid in pregnancy. Good info. for a healthy pregnancy....
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