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You are here : home > Post Delivery Issues > Post Delivery Care > Care after Vaginal Birth

Care after Vaginal Birth

Right post delivery care after a vaginal birth is essential for a speedy recovery from the rigours of labour and childbirth. Right post delivery care also helps to prevent complications. Here are some tips for taking right care after a vaginal delivery.

When the baby is born through the birth canal or the vagina, it is known as vaginal birth. If there are no medical complications, the mother is discharged within 24-48 hours after delivery. However, for the well being of the mother as well as the baby she is expected to be aware of certain regulations and facts to take care of herself during this recovery period. Given below are some of them:

Go For Follow-Up Visits

Follow-up visits must be carried-out with utmost regularity. The health and recovery process of the new mother needs to be carefully monitored in order to ensure that there are no complications developing. The initial vaginal exam which is normally held within a month after delivery is very crucial. There could have been lacerations during birth and it is important to note of any changes, pain or swelling or unusual discharge in the area. Any pain or symptom must be immediately reported to the doctor, so that necessary tests and treatments can be started.

NSAIDs (Under Medical Recommendation)

The nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine can be very effective during vaginal birth care period. Although this is an over-the-counter drug, it is best to take under medical recommendation. As there can be certain side-effects in certain health conditions like kidney problems and stomach bleeding. The drug can reduce the pain, fever and swelling. So seek your doctor’s advice on whether it is safe for you and follow the directions for taking the drug.

Regulate Activity

Post vaginal delivery, you need to ensure that you get enough rest, as it had been a stressful episode. Follow your doctor’s advice and regulate your activity accordingly. You must avoid a sedentary lifestyle as it would hamper your fitness, but take it slowly.

Be sure to start your Kegel exercise, which will help to tighten the vaginal tissues that have lost its elasticity during the birth. This is a non-strenuous exercise and can be performed in sitting or lying down position at any time of the day. The more regular you are with it, the faster will be your recovery of the vaginal tissues. It also reduces and cures the possible leakage of gas and urine.

Amongst other physical activity, you can begin with slow walking and then follow the directions of a certified fitness expert on what is the ideal workout regimen for your body and present health condition. Yoga is found to be very beneficial during this period.

Healthy Diet Helps

Care after vaginal birth involves taking care of your post delivery diet too. Apart from having a balanced diet, ensure that you take in a lot of fibres. You must also keep your body hydrated with plenty of water and juices throughout the day. This will ease out the bowel movements and help you deal with constipation which is quite common during this period. Fresh fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and cereals are high fibre foods.


Haemorrhoids are swollen veins in and around the rectum area. Post vaginal birth, they can stick out swell and cause rectal pain. If any such symptom is noticed, report to your doctor for appropriate medication.

Care Your Perineum

This is the area between the vagina and anus which gets torn or lacerated during birth of the baby. You must maintain good hygiene in this part to prevent possible infections. Keep the area dry and wash gently with soap and water during a shower. If there is a deep wound follow the instructions of your doctor in applying medicines and creams in the perineum.

Vaginal Discharge

Lochia is the normal vaginal discharge post delivery which continues for about 7-14 days and dries off naturally. It starts with a heavy flow of blood and gradually changes colour to yellowish-white to colourless. It is the remnant of the placental fluid and you will need to wear a napkin. But avoid wearing tampons as it might affect the torn vaginal tissues and cause pain and infection. If you notice anything unusual in the discharge or experience cramps and pain, report to your doctor.

Breast Care

Post vaginal delivery, you need advice and counselling on how to breastfeed your baby and take care of your breasts. When the milk comes in you might experience hardness and pain in your breasts as they become full. If you are taking medicines or applying creams for sore nipples, be sure to ask your nurse about how and when you should breastfeed.

Care after vaginal delivery constitutes mostly on listening to the signs given out by your body and being careful about the simple aspects like, resting, eating well, drinking water, taking medicines and keeping clean. Any changes or alterations in your body should be immediately reported to the doctor for fast and effective treatment. During this period, abstain from sexual intercourse as your vaginal tissues are not fully healed yet.

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Medanta.6 years ago
nice and very useful article. i will be delivering my baby the next month. this article has helped me to understand the basics of post vaginal delivery care.
Suhani.6 years ago
ever since my delivery, i am having severe pain in my abdomen. can i take pain killers or do i need to consult a doctor.
Yasmin.6 years ago
i had normal delivery. i delivered a healthy baby on january 15th. Since my delivery, i am having heavy bleeding. i am worried that i might have anemia.
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