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Post Delivery Depression

Most of the new mothers cope with post delivery depression. Read on to know some facts about post delivery depression faced by new mothers.

What is Post Delivery Depression?

Post delivery depression is a curious condition, but by and large it is considered to be a natural phenomenon following childbirth in most women. A baby is termed as a bundle of joy that the woman and her family had been waiting for. Childbirth is a happy occasion and one might wonder where from the sadness seeps in and turn it into a depression. Well, this condition is experienced by over 80% of women around the world and is also referred to as the baby blues. The depression is characterised by a general feeling where the mother feels lonely, upset, anxious and afraid that she might not be responsible enough towards her baby and at the same feel extremely guilty for feeling so.

Some Facts on Post Delivery Depression

Let us have a look at some facts on post delivery depression.

The Onset of Post Delivery Depression

The state that is commonly defined as post delivery depression usually is found to set in after a couple of days after childbirth, that is, when the woman gets an opportunity to actually think of her state. Prior to this she is already too exhausted and drained out following the entire episode of childbirth and other associated conditions that she does not really get a chance to ponder. This post delivery depression stage can last for a several days to perhaps around a fortnight.

Experienced by Most of the New Mothers

This type of depression or baby blues are such a common condition that is found to be experienced by almost all new mothers by and large that it is not termed as an illness. The point to note is that this holds true for general conditions, there are cases where the post delivery depression escalates into a dangerous level which calls for immediate medical and psychological intervention.

Depression Does not Affect Motherly Attributes

Post delivery depression is considered to be curious as in no way does it makes the mother careless for her newborn. Her innate ability to care for her child remains unaffected. It is the fear that she might feel emotionally distant from her baby is what makes her depressed, but it does not interfere with her motherly attributes.

Not Related to Any Past Depression Histories

Post delivery depression is not related to any history of depression that the mother might have had. It is also not directly caused by stress. However, one must note that a previous history and stress can definitely aggravate the problem. These are the factors that can trigger off the usual and mild post delivery depression into a full-blown mental illness.

Baby does cause it. This means that the mother is likely to undergo post delivery depression if her baby happens to be sick or colicky. After an exhaustive period of pregnancy and childbirth, if the new mother is faced with a baby who happens to be sick and excessively crying, it is natural for her to feel down and depressed.

Support Plays a Major Role

Post delivery depression can be dealt with effectively if the woman receives the support of her partner and immediate family. Childbirth is not only a physical but an overwhelming mental experience as well. It brings about a definite change in the woman’s life. So, when she receives the standing support of her partner, family and friends, it makes it easier for her to adjust and adapt herself to the changes in her life. She can readily come out of the depression. In a similar manner, due to the lack of this very supportive, post delivery depression can set in and transform into serious magnitude too. 

It is vital to realise the fact that although post delivery depression is natural, every effort must be made to reduce it and help the new mother overcome it. From the medical point of view it is the changes in the hormone levels that cause it and make the woman emotionally extremely vulnerable.

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Yohanna.5 years ago
Pregnancy leads to physical and emotional changes that makes you more vulnerable to depression so good communication is the key to prevention.Communication and family support help a great deal
Arenke.5 years ago
It is very normal to feel anxiety after having a baby; as there is too much of new responsibility. but postpartum depression is an illness and it robs the joys of motherhood.
Jossie.5 years ago
Postpartum depression is an illness affecting new mothers. Medical treatment is must otherwise it may turn severe. Depression that occurs within 1 year of childbirth may be postpartum depression.
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