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You are here : home > Post Delivery Issues > Post Delivery Depression > How to Cope With Post Delivery Depression

How to Cope With Post Delivery Depression

Post delivery depression is a common problem faced by many new mothers. Read on to know how to cope with post delivery depression.

With nearly 80% of women getting affected by post delivery depression, it is important that women are made aware of how to cope with the problem. In most cases it has been found that women are successfully able to overcome the ‘natural’ mild feelings of depression and gather themselves to enjoy the excitement of raising the baby. However, some are unable to overcome the depression and sink into it. Given below are some strategies that can help you cope with
post delivery depression with ease:

Stop Suffering in Silence

This is one of the most common and biggest mistakes by new mothers. Post delivery depression shows early signs and needs to be treated by various means from there on so that the situation does not go out of control and transform into post delivery psychosis.

Women are emotionally on the edge after the birth of the child and they feel if they speak about their feeling ‘down’ the earliest sign of post delivery depression, they might be perceived as a bad mother or the baby might be kept away from her. They feel guilty for feeling that way and after a certain period of time this guilt becomes overwhelming and manifests itself in myriad ways of behavioural issues. So speak up, talk about your feelings and problems.

Stop Blaming Yourself

This is an extension of the first point. The feeling of guilt makes the woman think that she has only herself to blame. Note that this is not the right approach. Understand that the feelings of despair and depression are natural, your life has changed forever and you have added responsibilities. So feeling exhausted is all but natural in your physically weak condition. You have not done anything wrong and you have not chosen this disorder either. This will help you to understand the situation you are actually in more objectively and decide for yourself on what is good for you and the baby alike.

Keep Communicating With Your Partner

The partner can prove to be a very effective help and support to the woman when she is undergoing post delivery depression. So keep talking to him, share your thoughts and fears. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that he can take you out of your feelings of guilt and anxiety with ease. The empathy and sensitivity that you receive from your partner can dramatically help in reducing the depression and intensifying it. Often the emotional withdrawal of the woman does not allow her partner to share her feelings.

Consult Your Doctor

You need to talk to your doctor about what you are predominantly feeling and not just about your physical problems. So the moment you perceive that you are feeling excessively down, reach out for help. Since post delivery depression is also caused by hormonal changes, a clinical treatment can prevent it or from getting aggravated. Since you are nursing your baby it is important to discuss on what antidepressants will be safe for you and your baby.

Talk to Other Mothers

Since post delivery depression is a common feature experienced by most women, it is helpful to talk and discuss your situation with women who have already become mothers. As they share their experiences with you, you will discover that you are not the first to suffer and the probable measures that can be effective.

Therefore, the bottom line is always to reach out. Be it to your partner, other members of the family or close friends and of course the doctor. Unless you express your condition, it is difficult for others to help you overcome this state only through guesswork. Help yourself and allow others to help you.

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Gyan.5 years ago
Exercises are good but breathing exercises are also effective in coping with depression. Breathing exercises supply oxygen to all parts of the body including brains and makes you feel happy. they are very simple and can be done after delivery.
Marvin.5 years ago
i agree with you Raksha. Simple exercises done after delivery help you feel good. They release endorphins that make you feel happy so exercises do help in coping with postpartum depression
Raksha.5 years ago
hi, yoga is the best exercise to do while pregnant and even after delivery. it gives a feeling of relaxation and calmness. join a class and you will be able to sail happily through this phase
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