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Celebrating Children's Day

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Children are God's gift! And childhood is all about innocence and liveliness. It is about happiness and freedom. However, the universal Children's Day is celebrated on 20th November; the Children's Day in India is observed on 14th November. This date marks the birthday anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru - who was the first Prime Minister of independent India.

Children's Day is celebrated with a great delight. The motive of celebration of Children's Day on Jawaharlal Nehru's birthday is because of his love, affection and craze for children. Pandit Nehru is also regarded as the country's very special child as he was amongst those who had struggled for independence and had the opportunity to be India's first Prime Minister. Children across the country use to know him; rather use to call him as "Chacha Nehru".

Children's Day celebration is all about giving the child the right kind of knowledge and freedom to enjoy, so that they can grow as healthy and educated citizens of the country. Along with this, if you can teach your child the important values of sharing and caring of what you are lucky to have, respecting others for what they are and learning from others what they do know; then your child will become a responsible human being. All these values are of great importance for the well-being of your child as he is the future of our country.

How to celebrate Children's Day

Children's Day is celebrated by doing, learning and teaching a lot of activities to them. Schools organize and carry out various events and activities that their students thoroughly enjoy and at the same time are also able to learn from those events. These activities are carried out in a dramatic way so that it can be adopted by the children easily. Basically it should have a clear message.

Here are the various ways in which Children's Day can be celebrated. This celebration should have a motive of encouraging learning and at the same time entertaining them.

Significance of Children's Day

Children should know the reason of the celebration as also the fact that each one of them is unique and special. They should be aware of their importance. On this day, schools as well as parents do the activities which they like and which they need to know to become a responsible citizen. Children's Day is to do all fun activities for and with children. They should also know of how privileged they are to get a family and to be able to celebrate this day with their own parents, friends and teachers.

Dress code on Children's Day

On this day people can also have a particular dress code. People can come up by getting dressed in the same colour. One can also keep contests by giving the prizes to the one who is dressed the best amongst all of them. The colours of Children's Day are orange, yellow, green and purple.

Photo Collage of Friends and Family

One can even have a photo collage of friends and family. In order to have that in school one needs to send a notice to the parents to help their child to get together the photographs of the family members and friends. After making the collage with the help of parents, one has to get it in school and talk about their family and friends. The one who makes the best presentation and the one whose collage is best should get a prize. In order to inculcate good manners and respect in children rewarding them becomes very necessary.

Baby Photo Contest

In order to play the baby photo contest, ask all the children to bring their baby photos. Put all these in a big jar. Then ask each one to come ahead and guess the name of the child. One can even invite the parents of the Children guess who's who. One can even get their parents photographs and add fun to the contest.

Know Your Classmates

One should know each and every classmate. He should not only know his own and best friends, but also know the good qualities of everyone. Each and everyone should put their three strengths and three weaknesses. Then everyone should put them in a jar. Each one can come one by one and read out the strengths and weaknesses and guess who. This can be they best way to know each one and also know to improve themselves. This activity can be carried out with family as well to know them better.

Educational Trips

Children's Day can be an exciting day to take children on educational trips. These educational trips can be conducted to the places like Nehru Planetarium or Nehru Science Center, etc. At the end of the trip, some gifts, toys and sweets may be distributed amongst children to make them feel happy.

Other Activities

Children should also be encouraged to take part in elocution competition, dance competition, solo acting competition, drawing competition etc. Such competitions will help to enhance children's skills and talent. Unlike the normal competitions, all children should be eligible to receive prizes who take part in competition during Children's Day.

This can be the way Children's Day can be celebrated. However there are many other activities which can be carried out. This is also a way to make the Children's Day special and memorable. All such activities will help you to bring smiles on the faces of little wonders, which will make you smile too.

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Simran.1 year ago
Want to do something for orphans on this day...please give some ideas.
Suneet.1 year ago
Hi! Good thought! You can distribute sweets while playing some songs, play and dance with them, click pics... :-) Children cherish the time you spend with them!
Preeti.1 year ago
Me and my husband get gifts for my daughter on this day. It is a special day for kids
Naina.1 year ago
Nice article, I love to celebrate this day with kids. Its their day!
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