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Benefits of mustard oil

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Mustard oil is excellent for massage during winters. It is beneficial in many ways but still banned for internal consumption in some countries.

Mustard oil is considered to be an oil that has low saturated fat as compared to other cooking oils. This pungent tasting oil is mostly used for cooking in parts of Gujarat, Bengal, Assam, Bihar, Orissa, Haryana and some other parts of India. It basically consists of fatty acid, oleic acid, erucic acid and linoleic acid. It has antioxidant and cholesterol reducing properties. It is also loaded with essential vitamins. Though this oil is nutty tasting it is good for heart and also has many other benefits.

Not only for cooking food but also this oil has importance in North-Indian tradition. It is used for lighting 'diyas' during Diwali. It is also used in the ceremony called 'Mayian'. It is performed one day before the wedding at both bride's and bridegroom's place. Read on to know more about how mustard oil can prove beneficial in daily life.

Benefits of mustard oil

Here is a list of the benefits which mustard oil offers. Go through and find out how it can benefit you.

  • Helps to stay away form coronary heart diseases

  • It can be used as an antibacterial oil

  • Helps to detoxify human body

  • Helps to reduce hair fall through improved blood circulation if it is massaged on scalp

  • Stimulates digestion, circulation and excretory system

  • It can be used as an irritant for stimulating sensation in senseless organs and muscles. Irritants are also useful for driving up muscles.

  • Helps preventing fungal growth, thus it can be used as anti-fungal

  • Helps in winter for making body warm and generating mild irritating effect through massage on body

  • Helps making immune system strong

  • Useful for treating cough and cold

  • Protects teeth from germs if rubbed on gums and make gums

  • Organic mustard oil helps preventing cancer and is also helpful for slowing down the ageing process

  • Helps stimulating sweat glands and helps lowering body

  • It consist of fatty acids like omega alpha 3 and omega alpha 6 which have beneficial properties (what beneficial properties)
Though mustard oil provides many benefits it is banned in some countries. It is only sold for external use in the countries like United States, Canada and European Union as it is considered to be harmful for consumption in these countries. It is being used in India past so many years and also has a niche in rich Indian culture. But its side effects have not been observed yet in India. It still has and will have a special place in future for cooking purpose in kitchens of North India.
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ARUN KUMAR GUPTA.8 months ago
My grandfather had mustard oil factory in our village in Gurgaon dist many years ago. After shifting to Bombay slowly slowly we switched to other oils due to non availability of pure mustard oil locally.
Now after years after reading this article i looked for mustard oil and finally i got at a megastore in Bombay manufactured by a company of Alwar.
Due to fashion people go for oils which are advertised in T. V., Newspaper and magazine still knowing that these advertised oils are not good for health.
I request everyone not to fall pray to these big advts. And switch to MUSTARD OIL .. if you love your health and family.
Ayesha.1 year ago
Good Article. From what i have observed, entire
East/North east Indian cooking is based on Mustard Oil
.2 years ago
They say when you use mustard oil,your complexion will be good,i mean u will be getting fairer this the reason why north indians are quite fairer?????
Divya.3 years ago
I always use peanut oil but after reading the benefits, I will start using mustard oil more often.
sushmita.3 years ago
Being from Bengal, mustard oil is a must have in cooking. Fish without mustard oil does not taste the same. So more for taste, I use mustard oil.
Gayatri.3 years ago
I always use mustard oil and am well aware of its benefits. I use it in cooking as well as for massage. sometimes I also used it on my hair.
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