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Emergency Contraceptives
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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My girlfriend and I had unprotected intercourse. I would like you to prescribe some contraceptive measures to avoid pregnancy. Please give names of oral pills which would be applicable in the situation.

Rhohan (Bombay, India)

A: Was this unprotected intercourse during the unsafe period (fertile period in a woman) of the cycle? If not, there should be little cause for concern. If it was during the fertile period, then there are forms of emergency contraception available. There is a pill commonly referred to as the 'Morning After' pill, that helps handle such situations, but it has be taken in the first 48 hours of unprotected intercourse. It contains high doses of estrogen that prevent the implantation of the embryo. Intrauterine contraceptive devises can be inserted up to 5 days of intercourse, which will also prevent implantation. There is some trial on the use of a pill called RU486, which can be taken up to 12 days after unprotected intercourse, but this is not yet available freely in India (but is widely being used in Europe). Please note that you and your girlfriend should consult a gynaecologist before she considers taking any of these pills.

Dr. Sahni

Q: If the condom ruptures during intercourse, how can I prevent a pregnancy?

P J (Jaipur, India)

A: Since getting pregnant is very likely you should consult your gynecologist immediately for emergency contraception.

Dr. Neeta

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