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Safe Period

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If you are on the 28 day combination pills and you finish your pills and begin on the reminder pills, and then have your period. Is it safe to have sex before starting the real pills again.
Nisha (New York, USA)

A: You will have to take the pills in the same order as they are packed. A change in schedule can result in pregnancy.

Q: I am engaged and will be getting married soon. I have heard that there is a safe period for having sex, when the couple can enjoy sex without bothering about contraception. When is this time? My fiancée has a 28 day cycle.
Bharthi (New Delhi, India)

A: Many couples do practice this ‘natural’ method of family planning, but it does have a high failure rate. If your fiancée has a 28 day cycle, she would ovulate on the 14th day, so she should avoid having sex on day 9 to day 17. The rest of the cycle should be relatively safe.

Q: What is the ‘safe’ period for having sex? Can I practice the rhythmic method of birth control?
Prithi (Shanghai, China)

A: Safe time is one week before and one week after period starts.

Q: When is the safest period to have sex and not to conceive?
Eesha (Portland, USA)

A: The unsafe period of a regular 28 day cycle is between day 9 to day 17 of the cycle. The rest of the cycle is considered relatively safe.

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