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Anal and Rectal Problems in Adults
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Anal and Rectal Problems in Adults >>>
 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My friend has 2 children and is almost 30 years old. She had some ano-rectal problem a while ago. The first symptom was constipation, followed by bleeding along with a burning sensation during bowel movements. The surgeon told her that it was an anal fissure. It took nearly 1-2 months to get cured. Change in diet was the only treatment, supplementing with fibrecon. She was completely cured, but of late the same symptoms are recurring. While sitting, she gets intense pain than while walking. What should she do?

Rashi (MP, India)

A: She should take medications for reducing the pain and swelling and start taking natural laxatives on a regular basis. Also she should take hot water fermentation in the affected area.

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