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Different types of Dyslexia tests

dyslexia-in-children Detecting and Treating Dyslexia in Children
What are the screening tests for dyslexia? A therapist determines the type of test for a dyslexic patient. For identifying dyslexic patients there are different types of tests. Some basic screening tests are first done on dyslexic patients and then they are taken for comprehensive tests. A psychologist assesses the detailed reports of the test. Read on to know more about the tests for dyslexia.

There are different types of dyslexia tests which are usually determined by the therapists after taking into due consideration the actual status of the dyslexic patient. The primary tests are discussed in brief below:

The Screening Test

This is a group test. As the name sounds it is more of a screening process where a large number of students are divided into groups and tested by asking them to perform various exercises.

The objective of the test is to determine those who are normal and those who have dyslexic symptoms. Basically it is then decided on who will sit for the comprehensive test for dyslexia. It has been found that researchers give great importance to these tests in order to effectively identify the kids who are having a great difficulty is following what the teacher is teaching in the class and is lagging behind in completing their lessons.

The Aspects of Screening Test for Dyslexia

  1. Whether the kid is finding it very hard to explain the simple words.
  1. Are they getting confused when given even the simplest of directions?
  1. Whether they are becoming resentful while attending school.
  1. Are they finding the simple mathematical problems extremely complicated. 

If the answer to all these aspects are ‘yes’, then it is likely that the child is suffering from dyslexia. There are also a few other possibilities which can be effectively diagnosed by an expert. The child can be suffering from –

  1. Autism
  1. Dyspraxia
  1. Delayed learning
  1. ADHD or attention deficit disorder
  1. Other emotional issues

The Comprehensive Dyslexia Test

This is the next test that is suggested by researchers and doctors after the primary screening. This is a holistic or all-inclusive test that can effectively bring out and work on the root cause behind the learning disability and is considered to be an excellent way to access the individual, his strength and weaknesses. The brain condition and state that hinders easy learning of the kid is examined as well.

Features of Comprehensive Dyslexia Test

This comprehensive dyslexia test comprises of several sub-parts that basically helps in ascertaining and working on the root cause effectively. They are:

  1. Visual test
  2. Visual scanning test
  3. Intelligence test
  4. Reading test
  5. Intelligence test
  6. Laterality test
  7. Reversal test
  8. Scanning test
  9. Sequencing test

Comprehensive Report on Dyslexia Tests

After all these tests are completed, a comprehensive report is generated. The test can be taken in two ways:

  1. A distance test
  1. In direct contact with a psychologist

According to experts and researchers, the distance test is considered to be more effective in determining the performance of the child. The psychologist might get too objective about the performance of the child as he is getting to meet him, but in a distance test, arriving at a precise assessment is more likely. 

Although there is no major difference between the content of the two variations of the test, the distant one is more detained and thorough compared to the other. The other advantages are the child can take the test in a comfortable setting, that is, in his own room and according to his convenient time. These factors render a major impact on the overall performance of the child.

What Happens When the Psychologist Conducts the Comprehensive Test?

The psychologist ought to be a licensed one and he conducts the test either in his clinic or visits the school or college. Some prefer their assessment to be done by a psychologist in their clinic as they feel that the results would be an accurate one when done under the guidance of a professional. The test can take a couple of hours and a detailed report is thereafter generated. While handing over the reports, the psychologist also attaches a series of suggestions which can prove to be very valuable and effective in dealing with the dyslexic child.

Comprehensive Dyslexia Test Conducted by Psychologist

In schools and colleges licensed psychologists facilitates dyslexia tests by paying visits or right in their clinics. The assessment given by psychologist works for most of the people as many of these people prefer to go to the clinic for private assessment. It is expensive but the method used for assessment is more direct. It takes couple of hours for the psychologist to conduct dyslexia test and provide the report. After the test reports are obtained, suggestions are given by the psychologist on how child can improve his learning techniques. 

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