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Chinese Cuisine

Who doesn't love Chinese food? Who hasn't had the spicy garlic noodles, crispy chopsuey and mouthwatering manchurian dishes. Check out this link for great recipes of this universally loved cuisine.

 Main Course
Chinese Fried RiceTarla Dalal
American Chop SueyTarla Dalal
Chicken Channadal CurryAsha
Haka Mushroom with Rice NoodlesSmita Nadgir
Chinese Stir FrySmita Nadgir
Veg NoodlesSathya Ashokan
Indo-Chinese Haka NoodlesSmita Nadgir
Chinese Fried RiceAnukaruna
Chilli Garlic NoodlesSubhashini
Vegetable biryanivanshika
Easy Chinese NoodlesSupriya Sanoj
Chilli Babycorn Stir-FrySubhashini
Chilli ChickenPooja Chawla
Chicken AngleSharon Fernandez
Vegetable Fried RiceRadhika
Harabhara Dry ManchurianRima
Harabhara Dry ManchurianRima
Hakka Noodlesnandini jain
Chilly Soya ChunksRinku P

 Soups and Stews
Sweet Corn Chicken SoupKasthuri
Sweet Corn SoupJashmin Patel

 Starters and Snacks
SaladSmita Nadgir
Yummy Macaroni DelightSara Coelho
Idli ManchurianVaijayanti
Chilli Chicken DryARSHI
Soya ManchurianSathya Ashokan
ManchurianPooja Chawla
gobi machurianrachelamul
Veg. Spring RollsShweta

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