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Continental Cuisine

Light food, which you can enjoy any time of the day. For breakfast, lunch, dinner, or as an in-between snack. Check out these yummy continental recipes.

Chicken and Celery DelightDoris Mistry

 Main Course
Roast ChickenKhorshed P
10 minutes Corny MushroomsSnehil
Chilli Villi Bean-PotatoSnehil
SoutzoukakiaKevin Tighe
Caribbean ChickenTonya C Wilson
Grilled Chicken & Apple SandwichAnu

 Salads and Raita
Kachumber yoghurt saladPrachee Tandon
Roasted Tomato saladKetaki

 Soups and Stews
Cottage Cheese Soupmanasi kumar
Cottage Cheese soupManasi Kumar

 Starters and Snacks
Double Decker SandwichMeenal Teli
CakeMadhu Aboti
corn toastgauri
Mushrooms in Tomato and White Wine SauceMittal
Fatafat SandwichRashmi Shrivastava
Cheese Bread RollsRashmi Shrivastava
Virgin Mary MocktailDeepa Nischal
corn toastmanasi kumar
lemon chickenmanasi kumar
Low fat chickenManasi Kumar

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Vegetarian Food
RE:What are you makin today for dinner
I did not make anything special today. Only my daughter was going to be home for lunch so i just made some jeera tadka rice and kidney beans. My daughter loves kidney beans and can eat it everyday without any complain. ... - NN    read >>

RE:first time egg eater
There are 2 types of cholesterol and one need to have the knowledge about what is good and what is not to be healthy. The yellow part of the egg has cholesterol but the good one and you don't need to worry if you eat limited eggs. ... - NN    read >>

RE:What are you makin today for dinner
My family loves chicken and they avoid all types of green leafy vegetables so i had searched online for recipes of chicken where i could use the green vegetables to and i found one and made it for them today. ... - Ashna    read >>

RE:how to reduce excess chilli in curries
Hi Murana,
So it would be better that try to use less chillies and if you feel and then you would see some changes in your curries also. ...
- Farha    read >>

Non-Vegetarian Food
RE:Fish recipe needed
Internet has everything you need. If you search for recipes with catfish you will find enough to make a new one everyday. Once you have many options you can choose one from them acc to the ingredients available with you. ... - NN    read >>

RE:Fish recipe needed
Hey manali, there are many cooking sites which you can find online which will give you the recipe of both traditional and internationals recipes that you can try with catfish. Let us know what you made and how was it? ... - NN    read >>

RE:Fish recipe needed
Hi manali,
We do have great surfer that is google so it would solve your problem and you check out the process also and you can cook by seeing the video go for chef cooking that would give you better recipe. ...
- Amol    read >>

RE:Fish recipe needed
Hi Manali,
Google will help you with multi varieties of it with the process and even videos from different chefs so that you can cook so easily and it would be tasty also for you.try to do it you will get success. ...
- Nova    read >>

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