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Child's Healthcare Topics..

You are here : home > Child's Healthcare > Childhood illnesses and medical conditions > Chicken Pox (Varicella) > Comments


Name: Rishab
Country: India
In South India, we use neem leaves to alleviate the itching.

Name: Carter
Country: united kingdom
how long do the chicken pocks usually last for?

Name: Ali
Country: pakistan
hi freinds. i am ali from pakistan age is 20 .. i need help from you all and all there dermatologists... actualy my skin is very rough like a dress without press.. and also my face color is not good.. i mean i have discoloration.. and i have also nail scars on my face.. please tell me a non-surgical treatment who remove all these stupid things on my face and give smoothness to my face .... please please help me .... my email address is (( i am just waiting for reply from you all helpers .. bye

Name: Was Perfect
Country: canada
i had chicken pox when i was about 2 and i only had one or two spot than i got them agian when i was 8 and i piced someone of them and now i have large dark holes on my face if anyone nows any treatment besides surgery that works in the slightested please email me at firefly135@hotmai

Name: Sonya
Country: canada
hey im 16 and it is august 21 and i have the chicken pocs is there any way to get rid of them quick for a baseball turnament on the 27th someone please tell me

Name: =(
Country: united kingdom
i'm suffering from chicken pox at the moment and i have really been depressed.. i have a chicken pox pithole/scar on the right side of my face and its horrible..i'm trying to find out ways of levelling it out but its hopeless.. people keep telling me that it wud get better but i hav no confidence or belief now.. wil it get better? who knows.. its been a week and a half now.. still healing..

Name: bla bla
Country: belarus
i have scars on my face i want to get rid of them they r from falling and from the chicken pox if u have any info please write back asap

Country: usa
i had chickenpox so bad the doctor's said it was almost small pox. that was whaen i was 9yrs. i am now 24. yopu can only imagine how bad the marks were. i had the blisters on every inch of my body including my scalp. so you could imagine my face. i used vitamin e capsules (that you burst open) for the first 3months afterwards. then i applied palmer's cocoa butter for the remaining year and a half. and it work. i am of african american descent so you know my scars were very dark and noticable. i felt like an ugly creature. it is a long process but trust me it will work. palmer's brand of cocoa butter is a life saver.

Name: Shayla
Country: usa
i had the chicken pox when i was a little girl i am now going on 18 and i still have a few little bumps that just did not go away. i want to know if there is a way for me to get rid of them. emial me at shayslim2005@yahoo.cim

Name: Brooke
Country: canada
its august 15 and i started using that facial peel (neutrogena) 2 and a half weeks ago

Name: Brooke
Country: canada
okee...i have a pitted scar from chicken pox on the center of my forehead.. i am very conscious of i been looking for things that might improve it.... weeks ago i bought a facial peel for wrinkles and stuff..neutrogena 35$..well i've been using it up to twice a day...and i'm 15...well you know how ur always looking in the mirror at urself and u notice the littlest difference well i guess the stuff in that face product that is helping wrinkles is helping ma chicken pox scare by producing its own colligen or might not help dramatically but i noticed a difference...hey hopefully it'll work for you....i can't wait too see the final results....good luck !!!

Name: *'~J~'*
Country: united kingdom
i had chicken pox when i was like three and the scars have never faded. now im thirteen and i am concious about them and i am suppose to be going on holiday. the scars are on my arms and stomach. they look terrible, i have been looking for something to help but so far i have found nothing. can someone please help!!!!

Name: Sabrina
Country: canada
hi..i am pretty but i feel so ugly because of a small but deep enough scar on my forehead from chicken box..i am 15 and i want it to be gone so i can have more self confidence...i'm wondering if that elicina cream or the neurtrogena mircodermabrasion kit will fix it.

Name: *orgasm chick* ask 4 msn addy
Country: usa
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Name: hy the fuck do you want to know?
Country: united kingdom
if you scratch the pox on your face this helps them heal quicker, trust!

Name: Melanie
Country: usa
i'm 15 years old. i had chicked pox like when i was 12. they marks r still there. plese help me get rid of them!!

Name: colet
Country: united kingdom
do not despair, there is a formula!!!i'm 20 and had chicken pox about 1.5mnths ago and it left a lot of mrks on my fae and back. i was very depressed and after visitn this forum, i got even mo depressed. anyway, i would like you all t know there is hope. the marks i had have now almost completely faded. i'm sure within another mnth, they will have completely faded. i had really clear beautiful chocolate brown skin but after chicken pox, my face was full of spots, now i'm getting my beautiful skin back. i have been using 3 formulas: prayer, bio oil(2ce aday ) and vitamin e soap (2ce a day). god will fade your marks, just continue praying and dont give up hope. it worked for me and i thot i shud share god's love and grace. i have to admit, i was not into prayer a lot before this but i have seen god's power in my life, h ecan do miracles. god bless.

Name: *?*?*?*?*?*?*?
Country: usa
hi i am 13 year old i have acne..and larger pores, i feel un-confident to look at people when i am talking and in mirrors and everything..does anybody on here know a way i can lighten up my life to make it worry free, please post something on here letting me know..thanks alot..crystal..:)i appreciate all the comments i can get bcuz i am soo sad alot!

Name: Melanie
Country: usa
i got chicken pox in grade school and i am now 24. i understand how many of you feel ugly because of the scarring that occurs from them. i have a large eraser sized pox mark right between my eyes. i first got the mark lasered when i was about 13. it lessened the scar but did not get rid of it. i then had it lasered again when i was about 19. again, it lessened the mark but it was still very apparent and left me with reddness around the pox mark. i know how some of you might think these measures are too much, but it does affect your life. i then had fat injected into the mark to push it up to make it smooth. this did absolutly nothing, if not make it worse. i have finnally descided to go in and have the scar cut out. i will be going in in 2 weeks to have this done. the plastic surgeon will cut around the scar and very carefully sew it back together. i am really nervous, but because i am so unhappy with the mark now, i will try anything. i will keep everyone updated on how it goes. if anyone is interested to see my before and after pictures let me know. i would love to help or give advice to anyone here who wants to know how this goes for me.

Name: no
Country: usa
hi, i go outside alot so i get really tan and it makes my scars fade away for the parts that arent covered by clothing,but i dont know permanent way to get rid of them so somone please tell me! thankyou

Name: Pode
Country: usa
i had the chicken pox about a month a ago and it still seems like their still here how do i ge rid of the marks please help me.

Name: n boss
Country: united kingdom
i gt ch-pox could any 1 tell me how can i get rid of all my scar...??plz plz...

Name: Brian
Country: australia
hey yeah, im 16 and i got chicken pox about a month ago...yeah i have one major mark on my right cheak, but is actually healing nicely with the aid of retin-a-cream. it is a perscription drug that is normally used to treat acne. also, if condition doesnt improve dramatically there is always the option of dermo-abrasion.

Name: kari
Country: usa
i have the chicken pox pretty bad all over my body. i got them on sun. the 17 of july and now its july 22 and pretty much they are all scabs. i need them to be completely gone by next fri. the 30 b/c i have this massive party. please email me at if you have any way to speed up the healing process please. thank you

Name: r8a
Country: Other
as i stated before, almost all of us here have the same problem, feeling insecure about our look... but don't let it depress you, looks are just a part of your life, i know no one here is interested being a model, but all of you have some talent or gift that make you special for someone... your family, your husband, your wife, your friends... if there is a way to get rid of it safely enough, i won't hesitate to do it, but now, being 21, i'm able to say i have many gifts and i'm capable of facing my problems with much more confidence than most of other people i have known...

Country: united kingdom
hey i did the last message, i need a way to speed up the scabs falling off by tomorrow!!!!! please help me!!! i look horrible and it is severely depressing me!!

Country: united kingdom
help me please, my mum and dad are going to a concert on saturday (it is wednesday) and i have to stay at a friends on friday and saturday but i have had chicken pox since sunday. i need the marks to go by saturday (friday would be best) is there anyway i can get them to fade? send any answers to and put the subject as chicken pox. any info would help please i just need a way for them to fade a bit!

Name: alison
Country: usa
hi, i am 17 and i got chicken pox when i was 4. of course i scratched and now i have tiny holes in my face and like a 2 inch scar under my eye and about five 1 inch scars on my forehead im very self conscious about this and i hate looking in the mirror does anybody have suggestions about what to do? anybody thanks email me back at

Name: Rebecca
Country: usa
my boyfriend has the chicken pox and everything we give him it doesn't work. we've tried that stupid lotion and im wondering if that oatmeal bath really works. i cant seem to find any good creams over the counter we can use either. i want to help but theres nothing really i can do except put lotion on him. help me!!!! i hate to see him like this.

Name: ?
Country: Other
i really need suggestions to remove me 1 year old chicken pock scars.

Name: SABA
Country: united kingdom
why does anybody not have any answers/remedies tried and tested products!!!! useless forum!!!! im just getting over my chicken pox and this forum has depressed me i was feeling fine before!!!!! thanks!!!!!!!!!! !!

Name: 'chuck'
Country: usa
i've lived quite some time with several conspicious pock well as poor skin damaged by acne...i began looking into what could be wichita, ks where i live there is a aesthetics center called cypress aesthetics...and currently have been going under laser treatments...what they do is use a laser intended for smoothing out skin, and concentrate it on the desired areas...very cheap compared to other fifty dollars a treatment...what the laser does is burns through the scar and slowly starts rebuilding collagen below the skin...results take many treatments and up to six months...i still havn't noticed much of a difference...but it's better and cheaper than collagen fillers

Name: Andrea
Country: usa
im 13 and i got the chicken pox from someone in school. they all have scabs on them and some scabs in my face are falling off! but they are leaving marks and some are in my face!!! im scared i get scared all over and i dont want to look like the next scarface! plz someone tell me what i could do so they could not leave any scars!

Name: Sonia Chagolla
Country: india
hi my name is soina and i have a chicken pox scar right by my eye i was seeing do you remove them

Name: Dana
Country: usa
i too, had chicken pox approximately 10 years ago. i have 3 deep, pitted scars on my forehead. for that reason, i have spent most of my life wearing baseball hats while swimming, and keeping bangs with my haircuts. i have just recently started researching what can be done to atleast help the scars. i was referred to microdermabrasion, in which i am planning to buy the neutrogena microdermabrasion kit. it is only 32.00, compared to the 150.00 you will pay at a dermatologist. i have also heard good news about lazer resurfacing, which i would like to look into next. if anyone has had lazer surgery done and can give me info, i would greatly appreciate it. thanks :)

Name: *
Country: Other
i will like to get a cream to remove chicken pox spots please help me

Name: EB
Country: canada
i have the chicken pox! and its impossible for me to go to sleep. but i find having a hot bath and having you room very cold is sorta helping me. what i do is a get oatmeal put it in the tub, run it so it gets hot, i stay in it for awhile, some times i sorta play with the oatmeal.... when i feel sorta sleepy i get out of the tub, put my towl on run to my cool room close to the door jump on my bed an quicky but a cool sheet on my self, oh! and i have my quilt ready sorta as a pillow, and i lie down a i just keep breathing..but don't move...can make itchy again. then i fall asleep some times....try it if ya want!

Name: chicken pox iz the worst eva
Country: united kingdom
chicken pox is bad in itself but wen u hav all the other stuff to go with it lyk backaches headaces and a really bad throat datz so painful im havin trouble sleepin while i got the pox so can you help me plz and how long till im clear of chicken pox and is it likely it will come bck agen .its hard not to itich them

Name: nicole
Country: united kingdom
i got chicken pox now and the best way is to have a good warm bath it brings all the spots out and makes you feel a bit normal agen they r annoyin but wen u get it wen ure an adult it suppose to be a lot more difficult to get rid of but at least i got it while im 12 every 1 has to hav it sometime so its bad but going to get betta slowly

Name: a word of advice
Country: usa
scars are treatable and the sooner u treat them the better! the same things that are good for your skin normally will improve scars.

Name: wish upon a star
Country: united kingdom
hi i am 11 and i am having chicken pox right now i have had them before and now im having them is not nice and it really itches but my mom tells me if i scratch it it will get worse and then i will have scars it is my birthday on sunday and i cant have a party cause of it so remember dont scratch and you will end up normal try google and search for results cause it does help from w.u.a.s

Name: slainte
Country: ireland
im 25 & got chicken pox & couldn't leave d scabs alone now have marks on face, dont scratch whatever u do

Name: Edith Rorah
Country: usa
how come i cant get a picture of chickenpox? i had them when i was a youngster, but now i am over 65 and the doctor says that is what i have, but i dont think that that's what it is.

Name: Carl "father of victim"
Country: thailand
when she was born , we were all gobbed smacked she was absoultly georgous as she grew people were continually commenting on her flawless skin and beautiful features last month my wifes brother had chicken pox and i told her not to take out daughter over due to the risk of infection but like all women she ingnored a mans advise as over reaction and took her anyway now my three year old angel is left with several deep pock marks over nose and more on her back < oh no my wife said they will fade dont worry < and then i saw this site < baby"s looks are ruined < ill try everything of couse< but i get the feeling from reading all these letters theres no hope < especially for deep crater like holes on here nose

Country: india
hai everyone,i got many scars on my face either from chicken pox scar or nail scar and sometimes i hate my self i wish i could go back to the past.i like to see people who has many scars on their face.

Name: *shortpeoplerule25@yahoo*
Country: usa
about 2 yrs. ago my sister had chicken poxs and we did everything togteher and i never got them. now, my friend's brother has them, would i get them?????

Name: U no wats funny?
Country: usa
try google!!!!!!!!!

Name: rey
Country: mexico
i have an ugly scar by my right eye, is about the size of a pencil eraser. i don't know what to do about it. i don't like my husband to look at my face cause i think i'm hugly. i pray i find help soon.

Name: Crystal
Country: usa
hi,i'm feeling everyone who has scars from chicken pox. i got the chicken pox when i was 4 and i scratched. i didn't listen to my mom. they itched. she told me. if i could take that back i would but its too late for me. if anyone has the chicken pox please do not scratch. if you scratch then you will end up with ugly scars all over. i have alot on my legs and i hate that. i dont like to show them. i rarely do. i'm so light/tan you can see them well. i wear slouch socks to cover them up. that doesn't work. but coco butter is a remedy that might work for scared legs. it will take time and lots of it. but ill say this one more time. don't scratch. wear something over your hands to prevent that. and clamine lotion stops itching. and oatmeal baths. thx. -criss

Name: Crystal
Country: usa
hi,i'm feeling everyone who has scars from chicken pox. i got the chicken pox when i was 4 and i scratched. i didn't listen to my mom. they itched. she told me. if i could take that back i would but its too late for me. if anyone has the chicken pox please do not scratch. if you scratch then you will end up with ugly scars all over. i have alot on my legs and i hate that. i dont like to show them. i rarely do. i'm so light/tan you can see them well. i wear slouch socks to cover them up. that doesn't work. but coco butter is a remedy that might work for scared legs. it will take time and lots of it. but ill say this one more time. don't scratch. wear something over your hands to prevent that. and clamine lotion stops itching. and oatmeal baths. thx. -criss

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