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You are here : home > Sex Education > The Female periodic cycle > The Periodic Cycle Of a Woman > Comments


Name: ruchi
Country: India
Very Informative!If any of you ladies or girls out there have staining issues during periods you should try out adira period panties.They are a necessity any time.

Name: madhav
Country: India
if any one want sexual intercourse u may contact me i m from delhi. may id is mob no-8588998810

Name: madhav
Country: India
if any one want sexual intercourse u may contact me i m from delhi. may id is mob no-8588998810

Name: versha
Country: India

Name: Fatima Khanom
Country: Bangladesh
in regular periods i am planing to have a baby. what is the best time.

Name: priya
Country: India
Thanks to share valuable information about periodic cycle and more useful to prevent periodic problems. http://home ale-reproducti ve-disorders

Name: peeya
Country: India
a well researched article which is written according to the medical standards. simple language makes for easy reading and understanding.

Name: veena
Country: India
which is the best time to have sex without getting pregnant? i have heard that having sex during the not so fertile phase does not result in pregnancy, is it so. how to calculate the fertile phase of a woman.

Name: Sona
Country: India
in order to prevent pregnancy, one must have knowledge about the female reproductive system and the periodic cycle. This site explains in a simple way about the complex process of menstruation. one can calculate the ovulation dates by knowing about the periodic cycle thus preventing pregnancy.

Name: expert
Country: India
there is no one who can take care of a baby except mother.................. .............. .............furthter information can solved by calling on my no:-09794248470

Name: Neal
Country: India
I had sex with my BF on 29th june. he did not completely inserted his pennis into me, just a tip of it. Sticky watery liquid was there at that time on his pennis, and not the white discharg. now on 9th july i got my regular periods. Still i afraid of pregnancy. are there any chances of it?

Name: rosh.charya
Country: India
I had sex few days back for the fist time ever(protected sex) and my period isn't taking place as usuall. Is it a sign of pregnancy?

Name: ashu
Country: India
i dont get my periods regular...its been 4 months aft my baby(delivery) i havnt got my periods???

Name: scatty
Country: U.A.E.
I am unmarried 29 year old. i am feeling more pain during period kindly help me

Name: Brittany
Country: usa
i have sex with my bf and the next day i was on period. my period came one week and a half early. can i still be pregnant after having my period. m

Name: erica
Country: usa
well my peroid doesn't comes on often . me and my bf are trying to a have a baby when can we get started and having a child?

Name: zahina
Country: india
my periods are irregular . how can i conceive pls reply me at this id

Country: usa
i have been having intercourses w/ my bf for the past 5 moths, and i still can't get pregnants.i was on the pill for 2 years , is that the reason why i cant get pregnant.

Name: yvonne
Country: southafrica
i dont know whats wrong it has been a year now and i m still not pregnant i was on the pill for a year but i left it a year ago what now??

Country: usa
hey....i had sex with my b/f five days after my period and he "pulled out."is there a possibility that i can become pregnant?

Name: tom
Country: usa
good one

Name: Sally
Country: kenya
i was also wondering if it was possible to get pregnant if your partner had ejaculated outside your vagina? and how long do sperm live outside of the male body? don't they just die instantly if they aren't covered in semen?

Name: vedant
Country: india
is it possible for my gf to get pregnant if i ejaculate into her during her periods.plz reply as soon as possible at hotline4u80@yahoo. com

Name: laura
Country: england
is it possible not to ovulate but have regular periods? my period does vary a bit between 29-33 days. have been trying to get pregnant for 8 months. nothing so far. thanks, laura

Name: mica
Country: other
i highly recommend this article.i like it,very informative......helps me gain more knowledge about girl thing.

Name: chesca
Country: hongkong
this article helps me a lot.. love it...i never got into trouble again....hi lois!

Name: vj
Country: india
information on this site is exellent.very comprehensible. whish you guys could answer a few of my questions.e-mail:

Name: maria
Country: england
can i get pregnant if i have sex 2 days after my period

Name: sheetal
Country: india
i get period normally 3 days.usually every month it comes 2 to 3 days early. i want to get pregnant. i got married in dec 2003. we had sex during my periods.i am confused why i am pregnant .pls suggest

Name: Stephanie
Country: usa
hey i think this site is cool. i was wondering if i could be pregnant.the last time i got my period was dec. 25th x-mas day and ended like 5 or 6 days later. i'm not really regulated and its february 2nd and i still haven't got it. i had sex twice about 2 weeks ago, but i used protection both times. do you think i could still be pregnant even if i used protection, cause i know condoms don't always work. please answer me back at gatorsbabe1188@yah

Name: Kris
Country: usa
i had my period about a week ago and now i am bleeding i have my period that normal >

Name: Tyna
Country: other
this site is cool, i had my period on 4th of dec. it was very light, the next one came out on the 19th of jan., still feel this signs, swelling, tenderness, or tingling in the breasts fatigue,frequent urination etc. please i need ur help though i have not done any test. thanks

Name: Arline
Country: other
is it possible for fertilization to occur a day before your period and still have your period for 3-4 days? if a girl gets pregnant, where do you start counting to know the aog? pls. email me at thanks,really appreciate this site.

Name: sarah
Country: england
i had sex with my boyfriend about 8 days ago and before we did it he had put the comdom the wrong way round he then turned it ova leavin kum on it he wiped it with a tissue, after that i got worried and i didnt come on my period till today alomst 2 and a half months late... now its very light and im wonderin wheather i could be pregnant... i was extra careful and took thr morning after pill within 48 hours. could i be pregnant. email me on thanxx

Name: jasmine
Country: india
this is more of a question,i recently underwent d&c abortion.when will i start ovulationg again??and when will my normal menstrual cycle return?thanx in advance for the answers

Name: Francesca
Country: england
my cycle seems tolast 36 days recently. will this affectmy fertility as i amovulating at 14 days as any women who hasa 28 day cycle??

Name: Uttaran
Country: india
my last menustrual period was complete on 29th march 2005 & i get intercourse with my husband in 1st, 2nd & 3rd april can it is possible to get pregnant. plz answer me early in

Name: harry
Country: usa
i dont know whats wrong it has been three month now and i am still not pregnant i was on the pill for a year but i left it three month ago what now? can i get pregnant

Name: worried
Country: england
i had sex with my boyfried this morning my last period was march 9 which lasted 5 days, is there a possibility i could get pregnant?

Name: mrs mayell
Country: other
hi, i just wanted if you would help me, about pregnancy, me and my husband we really wanted to have a baby girl. we both have kids in the pass. but in our own nothing, we been together almost two year, we keep trying but nothng happened, can you help, me pls mrs mayell,,,,

Name: helloazi
Country: australia
my boyfriend and i had sex during the end of my last periods. ive noticed an increase in the size of my breasts and im really worried that i may be pregnant.i havent done any tests as yet. please help me!!! email me:

Name: ashley
Country: usa
i had sex with my boyfriend last night and we used protection. i'm supposed to get my period pretty soon too. however when we had sex the condom fell off sometime and we're not sure when, but after he came. both of us are freakin out, and i was wondering if its likely for me to get pregnant right before my period.

Name: bongie
Country: france
my boyfriend & i have been trying to have a baby 4 the past 2 months.i actually thought i has conceived coz i have some of the pregnancy signs eg morning sickness,cravings & weight gain.but i just had my period i think a few days ago, i haven't gone for a proffessional pregnanccy i'm wondering...could i be pregnant???

Name: jackie
Country: india
can u get pregnant if u have sex for like 2 secs the day ur period ends

Name: Nat
Country: usa
hi everyone,okay i need alittle help !i a bit confused my bf and i had unprotected sex and just a day later i started my period.i stop taking the pill about a wekk prior to our monkey buisness.well my so called period was strange and now 2 1/2 weeks later im peeing alot and my nipples are darker .i need some advice.coldplay1717@

Name: Sama
Country: malaysia
i had sex, unprotected with my bf for the fast days after my period, my period duration is 5 day i had sex for the 5th day night is possible to i may be pregnant?

Name: help!
Country: canada
i had my period 2 weeks ago and now i have some blood in my underwear. i am wondering if i could be pregnant?

Name: Chick
Country: other
numerious questions, where are the answers?

Name: Dawnisha
Country: usa
my period came on the 29 of april and i had sex on the 6 and 7 of may can i get pregnant days after my period,and how long do you have to wait until you can get pregnant after you period

Name: nija
Country: canada
hi me and my babyfather had sex on the fourth day of my period i thought it was finish but after we were donei seen allittle bit of clear blood comin out he ejaculated in me can i still get pregnant? i hope not

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