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Viral Infections and Allergies in Children

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Viral infections and allergies are common in childhood. A lot of viral infections and allergies in children can be prevented with the help of vaccinations and medications. Read on to know more about common viral infections and allergies in children, their symptoms and remedies for treating them.

Children get sick often. There are many viral infections that are acute and give discomfort to the suffering child. However, rarely do these develop into serious illness. Virus is extremely tiny organism and causes infection in the body. They enter into the body and getting favorable environment; they multiply and produce more viruses inside.

Allergies in children are also quite common. Some have dust allergy while some are allergic to pets or food. In fact, allergy is an overreaction of the body when coming in contact with a substance that is otherwise harmless to humans. In some, the allergy gets treated if the immune system is strong while some have to take medicines.

Acute Viral Infections in Children

Have a quick look at the common viral infections in children.

Chicken Pox in ChildrenChicken pox is highly contagious. Although this illness is common in children it can occur at any age.

Symptoms – Symptoms include rashes, fever and fatigue. The spots appear anywhere on the body though chest and stomach area are common. These rashes develop into itchy and hot mounds and causes discomfort for the child. Ussually there is no further complication unless the mounds are scratched badly.

Remedy – Since the patient does not feel like eating solid food, lot of fluids can be given. Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C are very good. When the appetite is normal fruits can be given. But before that juices should be preferred. Doctors prescribe lotion that helps sooth the itchiness of the rashes and usually very light medicine for fever.

Measles in ChildrenMeasles are of two types – three day measles and ten day measles. Both these are mild in infants and kids. These can be prevented by taking vaccines at the right time. Measles generally requires little medical attention

Symptoms – Usually high fever with cough is observed. Rashes start appearing from behind the ears and spreads all over the body. Vomiting and diarrhea is also seen in many cases.

Remedy – Let the child rest in well-ventilated room and ask him to keep his eyes away from television. Reading should also be discouraged.

Mumps in ChildrenMumps is painful swelling of the salivary glands. This is extremely contagious. There is a vaccination and so this disease is not so common among children nowadays.

Symptoms – Mild fever, chills, headache, muscular pain in neck and pain and swelling in the base of jaw either on one side or both is seen in suffering children.

Remedy – Mumps usually last for few days or a week and there is not much medical attention given. The child should be kept at home as it is infectious till the swelling subsides.

Allergies in Children

Allergies are common in kids. However, there is no such medical treatment for allergy though you can become aware of this with the help of symptoms.

  • Patches of bumps that are sometimes itchy may appear on any part of the body

  • Development of patches subsides in few hours and appears on other parts of the body

  • Cold infections and symptoms of cold are seen

  • Sneezing, itchy and running eyes

  • Itching inside the mouth and throat

  • Abdominal cramps and other intestinal problems occurring unexpectedly
Allergies are often inherited, though this is not necessary. Allergies in children can be treated if severe with the help of medicines prescribed by a doctor. Though there are medications for allergy in children, they just drop the symptoms. As soon as the person comes in contact with the same thing, he suffers from fresh symptoms. However, if one comes to know about the thing that creates allergy in the child, avoiding contact with it is the best thing to do.
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