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You are here: Home > Message Boards > Parents of Schoolgoers >  Behavioural Problems >6yr old son touching other kids private
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  Behavioural Problems: 6yr old son touching other kids private parts
Name: suprabha naveen
Date: 2010-11-09
my son aged 6 is touching the private parts of other kids in his school bus. last yr a parent complained that he was touching their daughter' s private parts. after 2 months again he did the same with a morning that same boy' s mom called and said that he has started behaving dirty with their kid again.what should we do?we had already talked to him lovingly, warned him, scolded him, threatened him and even beat him
Name: Mridula
Subject:  My two sons( 17 & 15 yr)developing sexual curosity
Date: 2011-12-25
I am Mridula,
Since last 2 month nth i am watching different behaviour of my two sons who are developing sexual curosity,at night i saw both watchng english movies and most of time their door locked at night.
My husband is in army and stay away for months.
I am confused wetween them.hat to do on this how to talk and how to approach.I doubt they should not develop any sexual act b
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& Answers to Topic :
6yr old son touching other kids private parts

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My daughter is 9 years old and very adamant. What she says is what she wants. She always has her way. She also answers back and never listens to us. She gets angry very quickly and when in anger, she does not what she is saying or doing. She gets hysterical and I feel scared on seeing her behaviour. Is this normal? ... - Lalima Mehra [View Message]
Behavioural Problems
Find out the reason, why your kid refuses to go school as she was comfortable for the past two years. Develop a good rapport with your child’s teacher to know completely about your daughter’s activities in school. Also, see if someone is bullying her at school or is there some change recenetly that is affecting her behaviour?
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If you are unable to understand your kid on your own, try asking him gently as to why he is doing something and also check with his teacher at school as to his regular activities. When I noted a slight change in my kid’s behavior, the very first thing I did was to speak to her about it casually at a later point and also inquired about her behavioural changes if any with... - Rishabh R [View Message]
Ideas to Overcome
Hitting your kid in return will not change him in any way. My nephew is studying 3rd standard in Orchids International School and he behaved in the similar manner. We had similar complaints from his teachers. We' ve been trying to channel his anger into karate. Teaching him some form of martial arts helps hm let out his relish for violence and at the same time, he gets to ... - Payal Raval [View Message]
Only Child
Looks like he is a loner and has some serious attitude issues. If it is possible, shift to a locality where there are children of his age. If not, atleast try and take him to parks and play areas and promote interaction with other kids. This might improve his attitude. Also, at school find out if all his teachers have the same complaint or if it is a problem with a particu... - Rishabh R [View Message]
Way to exclude stubbornness
Hold your temper in check and never resort to hitting the child. I do understand that such stubborness in a child is exasparating as it is worrying! My newphew used to be adamant like your daughter and my sister used to hit him. I discussed this with my child' s school teacher @ Orchids International and other parents to devise sme sort of stratgey - for instance, he would... - Payal raval [View Message]
Child Disciplining
Yes I do agree with you Sowmya! Discipling your child is a tough task. Don' t get physical and beat the child. Learn to say no and if a child tends to be argumentative, leave him or her be for the time being and later when the child has calmed down, reason with him or her. Ensure that the child feels free to talk to you about everything.
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