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Applying nail polish is a must for enhancing the beauty of nails and hands. There are wide varieties of nail polish colours available. However, choosing the right nail polish shade is quite difficult. Read on to learn the art of choosing right nail polish shade.

Well manicured and painted nails look truly beautiful and appealing. Nowadays with such a wide range of nail polish colours available, one is often left confused over which one to choose. Sometimes, we see a lovely colour on our friend’s hand but we wonder if the same shade will look good on our hand. It is no doubt that beautiful nails enhance your attractiveness and give a good appearance.

For the perfect look, select the right nail polish colour for your hands and feet. In this era, with more than 10000 shades of nail polish available in the market it is often a difficult decision for a woman to make over which colour to choose. Here are some tips to consider when you are selecting a nail polish colour.

Co-Ordinate with Your Outfit

Different colours go with different dresses. Some particular shades may go well with red dresses and the same may not be ideal for a green dress. If you are wearing a bright coloured dress which is grabbing all the attention, it might not be the best choice to wear an equally bright nail polish as it might look too dazzling.

If your dress is already very bright, then opt for a pale and light nail polish. It is also important to provide contrast. Hence, if your outfit is going to be dark coloured choose a lighter shade of nail polish and if your outfit is going to be light in colour, then choose a dark colour nail polish.

Depending on Your Skin Tone

While many people select nail polish colours depending on a variety of factors, some choose to stick to the basics and select colours as per skin tone. They feel that the best way to select a colour for nails is as per skin tone. Depending on your complexion, some colours can actually enhance your skin tone while some others do not go along well with the skin tone.

For Fair Complexion - When it comes to nail polish colour, fair skinned people are very lucky because they can carry off a number of colours with grace and elegance. They can wear all those shades which people with other skin tones cannot pass off. However, there are certain shades which people with fair skin tones should avoid wearing like gold, yellow, green or dark blue.

For Medium Complexion - Glittering and vibrant colours complement a medium skin tone. Also try to opt for those shades which appear more metallic. The reason being that metallic shades will make your medium skin tone appear more tanned. For medium complexion, do not pick out shades like dark purple, red or navy blue.

For Dark Complexion - If you have a dark skin tone, then dark colours will look good on you. Remember, dark skin appears nicer with medium to dark colour nail polish. According to some experts, yellow based nail polish colours look good on dark complexions.

Depending on The Occasion

Think about the occasion you are dressing up for. If it is a more professional outing, then light, neutral colours would be appropriate. On the other hand, if you are going out for a party, then you can use a bright colour. Thus, you must take into consideration the occasion for which you are displaying your nails.

Other Tips for Nail Polish Colour Selection

Some people also like to select a nail polish colour depending on the season or latest trends. Like in summer, people opt for softer, pastel shades and choose deeper and darker shades for the winters. Some like to keep up with the latest fashion trends and choose a colour which is in vogue. Some women like to have everything coordinated and well matched. They like to match the colour of their lipstick to their nail polish colour as well.

Some women like to select a nail polish colour as per the colour of their jewellery and accessories. If you are still confused and not sure which colour to choose, then the best thing is to experiment with colours or choose as per your mood. Paint your nails and flaunt them because beautiful nails look truly amazing.

How to choose a nail polish colour based on skin tone? How to select a nail polish colour for a particular occasion? How to buy a nail polish which is suitable for a particular outfit? To share your experiences, views, and tips, click here.

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