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Everyone wants to look attractive and have beautiful luscious lips. Get tips for naturally pink lips without much hassle. If you think having naturally pink lips is hassling, read to know how simple and less time taking it is. Read more

Lips are one of the features that catch attention of the onlooker. Everyone, especially girls and women wish to have luscious lips but at the same time they wish to have them look naturally pink. Although there are artificial ways to make your lips look pink and beautiful, keeping it naturally pink can have unmatched effect. Here are some tips that will help you make your lips naturally pink. Even if they are dark in color you can make them turn pink or lighten their darkness gradually.

Tips to Have Natural Pink Lips

  • Avoid Hot Bath - The first thing that you should keep in mind if you want to keep your lips looking good and pink is that you should stay away from heat. This means avoid hot showers, hot baths and hot sun. These will take away moisture from your lips and will trigger dryness instead. Use a wax based lip gloss or lip balm when going out in sun to protect your lips from getting dried or faded.

  • Beetroot Juice - Apply juice of beetroot before going to bed. You can also extract juice from a beetroot and apply it 3 - 4 times during daytime. You can also apply this while going out. It will appear like you have used lipstick.

  • Rose Petals - Grind Rose petals and apply before going to bed. Crush 4 - 5 Rose petals and brush them on your lips. You can make lip balm by mixing the crushed rose petals with milk cream and apply it on your lips. This you can apply and keep for 20 minutes and then wash off.

  • Ghee - Natural ghee can improve the health and pinkness of your lips if applied regularly. You can wash it off after sometime. You will not even need a lip balm after that for the whole day.

  • Mustard Oil - Mustard oil has been used to cure dry skin since old times. Here the tip is different. You have to put 1 - 2 drops of mustard oil in your belly buttons before going to sleep at night. It not only heals the chapped lips, but makes it soft and smooth also.

  • Olive Oil - Apply olive oil on your lips before going to take bath. You will never need a lip balm. You can also apply clove oil in the similar way. This oil has antiseptic property

  • Exfoliate - Exfoliating of lips is equally important as the skin. Brush your lips with a smooth brush to get rid of dry skin and flakes.

  • Vitamin E - Apply vitamin E oil at bedtime

  • Honey - Natural honey applied on lips before going to bed helps get naturally pink lips

  • Avoid Smoking - Smoking will turn your lips darker.

  • Watch your Diet - Cut down excess of tea and coffee. Avoid or reduce intake of red wine too. Take a healthy and nutritious diet daily. Vitamin A rich diet will help in making your lips and face look healthy and pink as well.

Following the tips and taking care of your lips and skin in natural way will help a lot in making your lips turn naturally pink. Beautiful lips are really very attractive and getting it naturally is not very hard. You simply have to stay consistent and take care of them with natural home remedies discussed.

Do you dream to have naturally pink lips? Are you frustrated with having dark lips? Want to know how to get pink lips naturally? To share your experiences, views, and tips, click here.

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Feedback on article
Name: Sakshi
City:   Jaipur
Comments:   I am married for four years. My lips had turned darker even if I do not smoke or go out a lot in sun. Fortunately I came across reading your article and followed almost all of your tips. I see changes in just one month. Thanks for guiding me. My husband is also happy with the change that has come in natural way.
Name: Jotsana
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   I am a 25 year old girl. I had dark lips and an unattractive face. My parents were worried about my marriage. I read your article. I was not sure these tips will actually work. But then having no other option left I tried them. I am really thankful to you. My lips have turned soft, smooth and pink in around 20 days. I can see the drastic change in the eyes of my colleagues and friends.
Name: Simran
City:   Delhi
Comments:   I hve dark lips pls suggest some homemade remedy
Name: malti
City:   jaipur
Comments:   i want to get natural pink lips.. please advise me
Name: Aditya
City:   India
Comments:   At my childhood my lipis are so pink that attraks everyone. But at present time my lips have become too dark on white face. I hope that ur suggestion are benificial 4 me.
Name: Shaazy
City:   Dubai
Comments:   I have seen the artice and finding intrsting.ill try for sure.
Name: krishna
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   i have very dark lips please suggest me to get pink lips
Name: farah
City:   bangalore
Comments:   im gonna surely try dese tips....thank uuuuu.....
Name: tanisha
City:   mumbai
Comments:   avoid this thingsdo not drink dark coffee as well i know that it can make your skin dark colour.u should not go out in the sun.
Name: Alisha
City:   Jamnagar
Comments:   Please help me my upper lip is too dark and lower lip is can i get pink lips?
Name: Keerthan gowda.D
City:   Keralapur,hassan
Comments:   Thanks alot m doing dese tips its realy unblvbl
Name: nilisha
City:   kanpur
Comments:   lips´s pinkness
Name: victor
City:   accra
Comments:   am also going to try this methode THANKSssss
Name: neelam
City:   dehradun
Comments:   want to have pink lips ma lip colour z going black plz help m vry much addicted to lipstikz n plz tel me the brand as well
Name: mani
City:   coiambatore,tamilnadu
Comments:   hi i am a men i wont smoke at all ......please mail some faster tips to make lipe colour as rose
Name: pradheepa
City:   chennai
Comments:   how to get rid of black lips
Name: tonya
City:   chicago
Comments:   This is some bull.....everyone who left comments on here wrote the same...smh shame...look all I know is the clove oil works
Name: rasmussenr
City:   Kangley
Comments:   hello everyone! where can I find top adult personals review? This only have I found DOMAI thanks
Name: Mark Joseph Diamzon
City:   General Santos City, Philippin
Comments:   Thanks for this article
Name: James Ian McClever
City:   Philippines
Comments:   likewise
Name: spradlings
City:   Marissa
Comments:   hello everyone! where can I find top adult film review? This only have I found Teach Me Fisting thanks
Name: mcclarnonx
City:   Prairie Grove
Comments:   hello everyone! where can I find top adult film review? This only have I found Blacks On Blondes thanks
Name: hansika
City:   kandy
Comments:   my above lipe is black and under lipe is dark and going to black.i want to get nathural pink lips soon.pls help me.
Name: goloby
City:   Suva
Comments:   nore igrace Otroske Blazine za sprostitev.
Name: cestniki
City:   Suva
Comments:   nore igrace Fitnes naprave za sprostitev.
Name: ikati
City:   port harcourt
Comments:   ´ve always longed 4 a pink lips.....and from testifying comments above,i knw dis will work out fank u....
Name: ramya s
City:   pondicherry
Comments:   my lip s dark . plz suggest some natural things to get rid off it
Name: vince degrano
City:   phillippines
Comments:   i like this advice
Name: Miner
City:   Nigeria
Comments:   Hi, i desperately need to change the color of my lip from black
Name: maria
City:   London
Comments:   this worked
Name: Buy Cheap OEM Software
City:   New York
Comments:   msT3Ai Looking forward to reading more. Great blog article.Much thanks again. Fantastic.
Name: wholesale men clothing
City:   New York
Comments:   A round of applause for your blog. Keep writing.
Name: Raghavendra Rao Thota
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   my skin is nt much block its normal....but i want to make it white..pls advise me
Name: madda
City:   tanuku
Comments:   how to get lips pink colour
Name: jas
City:   toronto
Comments:   Please give me home made tips for pink lips
Name: Revati
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Good information. Very helpful. Thankyou.
Name: Myk
City:   Owerri
Comments:   Currently, I have black lips and I solemnly need your aid to en lighting it to pink. Thanks a lot.
Name: gilbert
City:   accra
Comments:   please help me.... My lips are dark and nobody wants to kiss me
Name: dhinesh
City:   pondicherry
Comments:   I want to get fair on my face and pink lips can u help me pls. give a natural tip pa
Name: Leonita
City:   Namrup
Comments:   Good
Name: laurad
City:   Hanaford
Comments:   Paris Hilton Exposed Hard Nipples In These Hot Pictures. currenteventsarticles
Name: swarna latha sharma
City:   Hassan
Comments:   excellent tips yar......really
Name: deborah
City:   nigeria
Comments:   my lips are just to black, and i dont smoke and i am light skin, pls help
Name: haritha
City:   mangalore
Comments:   well perfect home made tips ......nysh onces let me try it first and give my feed backs
Name: Ram
City:   Hyderabad
Comments:   Not tryed
Name: wewzeraBype
City:   Tafraout
Name: Social Network Submissions
City:   New York
Comments:   jdramV Appreciate you sharing, great blog.Really thank you! Awesome.
Name: Christian
City:   Nigeria
Comments:   Please i would like to get the easiest and the safest way to get my lips red and attractive like before... I really need this help please so that i can testify like others... Thanks for your kindness Christian
Name: beertEasete
City:   Willemstad
Name: kelvin
City:   nigeria
Comments:   pls,i need ur help i want my lips to be red or pink as long as those black things are off..i want my lips to be attractive to others

   Add your feedback here...

(Please enter your correct email id to get notified when people comment on this article)

Your Name:
Your City:
Your Comments:
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