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Bonding With an Adopted Baby

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Bonding with an adopted baby is a gradual process. However, research indicates that bonding with an adopted baby is not different from bonding with a biological baby. Read on to find tips for bonding with your adopted baby.

How easy or difficult is the process of bonding with your adopted baby? This is a major cause of concern for most families considering adopting a baby. Research has indicated that the process of child-parent bonding in adoptive families is not very different from that of biological families. Adoptive families can form bonds as successfully as biological families with a little effort.

The most favorable time for a child to form a bond with her family is the period beginning from birth through three years of age. In many cases the adoptive parents bring their child home only when she is a few months if not weeks old. In such cases parent child bonding happens over a period of time irrespective of the age of the child. The important thing to bear in mind is that you must be patient and not expect instant bonding to happen as soon as the child becomes a part of your family.

Tips for Bonding with an Adoptive Baby

Here are certain things adoptive parents can do to encourage the bonding process.

Give as Much Time as Possible

Initially it is best if the adoptive parents stay with the child as much as possible and limit the number of visitors. Once the child is settled in her new surroundings you can get her to meet your close family members and friends. Both adoptive parents must participate in daily tasks like bathing, feeding, massaging and holding the baby for the bonding to happen naturally.

Undergo the Process of Bonding Patiently

In the absence of a dedicated care giver and the warmth of a real home milestones are often delayed for many adopted children. In orphanages diet is another aspect which is not always given prime importance. Hence, adoptive parents must not duly worry if the development of their child is slightly delayed.

As the child settles into her own home she will gradually catch up over a period of time. As adoptive parents encourage your child by playing with her as much as possible and doing fun things. Touch is another thing which makes bonding happen real fast. Try and hold your child as much as possible depending upon her age and your physical capacity.

Be Totally Involved with Child

Maintain eye contact with your adopted child. This helps to increase the feeling of pride, care and love. For face to face interaction feeding, bathing and massaging are all good times.

Keep Speaking to Your Baby Constantly

Talking to the baby helps to develop the child’s language skill. Talking, singing and cooing are all excellent ways of communicating with a child. Irrespective of whether your adopted child is old enough to understand what you are saying or not keep having conversations with her. This will help in developing a feeling of security which is very essential for parent child bonding.

Be Familiar with Baby’s Needs and Habits

In case your adopted child is from a foster home, it is very important for you to become familiar about the baby’s habits. The foster care giver will be the best person to provide you information about your baby’s likes and dislikes.

In case you are an adoptive parent please do not worry that bonding with your adopted baby will never happen. Stay assured adoptive parents can be as successful as biological parents in building and maintaining a strong bond with their adopted child. There are certain things you can do to encourage bonding and family attachment. However, please do bear in mind that parent child bonding is a journey and not something that happens instantly.

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