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Getting Pregnant After Abortion

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Proper planning and right health care is required if you want to get pregnant after abortion. You need to prepare your self physically, mentally and emotionally before getting pregnant after abortion. Read on to find tips for preparing yourself for getting pregnant after abortion.

Getting pregnant after abortion is possible and can be done taking few precautions and making a little bit of preparation. All this is for the sake of your health and the health of your child too. Along with preparing your mind, you also need to prepare your body so that it is capable of conceiving and helping the child to be healthy throughout the pregnancy period.

Tips for Getting Pregnant after Abortion

Here are some health tips for getting pregnant after abortion.

Getting Prepared - Talk to your partner and make sure both of you are mentally, physically and emotionally ready for the next child. This is important and should be discussed calmly and without any kind of feeling overpowering you.

Give Some Space - Wait for sometime and let few of your periods pass on smoothly and without any difficulty. This indicates that your menstrual cycle has returned to normal and increases the chances of the fertilised ovum to survive.

Consult your Doctor – Next step should be to consult your doctor to find out whether your body is ready to conceive from within. Discuss all aspects and make certain that it is safe for you to get pregnant at this time. Your doctor will give you the right advice regarding your body.

Keep Track of Your Health – Also, find out whether there has been any kind of damage done internally because of the abortion you had to undergo in recent past. A proper abortion technique used by a doctor will usually not damage your inner organs. But in either case, you need to find out the present condition of your body.

Make Your Body Ready for Pregnancy – Prepare your body to get pregnant. Eat healthy, quit or at least cut down smoking and alcohol consumption as well as lower your caffeine intake too. Try to stay active, do exercise, practice yoga and pranayama and increase your intake of vitamins.

Ensure Adequate Rest – Take proper rest. This is vital and usually doctors advice to take rest for at least 6 – 8 weeks after abortion. Follow your doctor’s instructions.

Having Sex Frequently – To increase your chances of getting pregnant, you should have frequent sex with your partner. Although this is quite obvious step, but is extremely important too. However, you need to seek advice from your doctor before resuming your sex life after abortion.

Checking Ovulation Period – If possible, buy an ovulation kit. These are inexpensive and you might get them in any medicine shop easily. This will help you find the actual ovulation days and will help you get pregnant sooner.

Precautions After Sex – After sex, elevate your hips and stay without moving for at least 20 minutes. This will also help you get pregnant easily and without delay.

The above tips will help you get pregnant without difficulty and faster as well as also help you have a healthy way. Usually, if the abortion is done in early pregnancy, it leaves very less problem back. It is also a safer method because you can have your body safe and protected from any kind of damage.

Some women do find problems getting pregnant after abortion. However, this is usually found in rare cases especially when the damage done inside is severe and intense. Also, if the reproductive organs get damaged, there occur problems. 

However, by paying attention to the signals of her body, any woman can get pregnant. The only thing she should keep in mind is that she needs to get herself prepared and watch out changes going on inside her. Any woman is the first judge and she will automatically come to know that her body is prepared for a child.
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