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You are here : home > Pregnancy > Once the Baby Arrives > Resuming your Sex Life

Resuming your Sex Life

Resuming your Sex Life

Are you worried about resuming your sex life after delivery? Here are some tips to have sex after having a baby.

It is normal to be anxious when you think of getting back to your sex life after having delivered your baby. You still have the labour pain lingering fresh in your mind and also your hormones are not at their sensual best yet. Also, you cannot deny the fact you think of yourself more as a mother than a wife now.

With several months and weeks of inactivity your partner too shall have too many anxieties about it. Again, if he was there with you in the delivery room, matters can get even more difficult for him. He has seen you bearing the pain and how you have been affected by the process of child birth.

Be Patient

It is important you both are patient in this regard. You can always resume your sex life once you get the green signal from your doctor. Give yourself some more time if you do not feel the urge. Remember, it is a no big deal and you can enjoy your private moments after some more time.

Again if you cannot wait for the moment, you need to remember that it also involves your partner. Do not be worried if your partner does not seem too enthusiastic about sex and appears very reluctant. He may be still trying to balance his role as a father and a husband. Try and understand his feelings and anxieties and give time some time.

Tips for Easing Back Into Love-Making

Have a quick look at some tips for resuming your sex life.

Consult Your Doctor

Consult your doctor about the best time to start making love again. If he says six weeks, it does not mean that you get to it the minute the time is up. Both partners should be mentally, emotionally and physically ready.

Try Alternatives to Sex

Your sex life should mean more than just having intercourse. There are other ways of showing affection like cuddling, holding hands, massages or even mutual masturbation.

Give Your Body Some Time

Do not expect too much. Many women do not experience orgasms for weeks or even months. But the pleasure comes back in time.

Use Lubricants Prescribed by Your Doctor

Women who have dry vaginas should use a lubricant until their bodies begin to secrete their own lubricants. Doctors can also prescribe a topical estrogen cream to alleviate pain and tenderness.

Avoid Uncomfortable Sexual Position

Sexual positions where the partners lie side by side or where the woman is on top may be easier on the woman as she has more control over the depth of penetration and there is less pressure on a sore perineum.

Take Baby’s Sleep Schedule into Consideration

You may not be able to have sex whenever you fancy, so make time according to your baby's nap schedule.

Communicate Difficulties with Your Partner

It is important to communicate your fears, worries and thoughts about any sexual difficulties. Women should not hesitate to tell their husbands if they are tired or what hurts and what feels good.

Stop Worrying

Worrying about your sex life or lack of it will only compound the problem. Just relax and everything else will fall into place.

Why You May Feel Reluctant

Your body has gone through so many changes and you simply cannot blame it if you are not enjoying sex. Here are some reasons that might be making you reluctant to the whole thing. Take a look:
  • Pain resulting from birth of your child or episiotomy.
  • You may feel unhappy because the way your physical appearance changes after birth of your child.
  • You may be tired due to pregnancy, labour and childbirth.
  • You may be afraid of an intercourse after delivery.
  • Your mind may be shrouded with negative feelings after your child is born.
You may be suffering from either or a combination of many factors mentioned above. In case you have questions or any fears in your mind, you can always have a talk with your partner and doctor.

How to Increase the Pleasure Quotient?

Here are shared some great tips that you both can try to rekindle the spark between you.
  • Relaxing before you get into the act shall make wonders. Massaging each other can be another way of loosening up.
  • Warming up can be a good option before getting into the act straight away. So speak about things that turns on the heat!
  • Try different positions which you find comfortable and enjoy the depth of penetration. No matter who takes charge, remember to start slow.
You can always look for help when you feel sex is painful even after numerous attempts. You may be experiencing the pain as a result of the episiotomy or tear that can be corrected with a simple procedure. In case you experience vaginal discharge, it might be the result of an infection. In this case you must consult your doctor who can help you handle infections with the right medication.

What precautions should be taken while resuming sex life after delivery? When is the right time to have sex after having a baby? How to prepare body for resuming sex life after delivery and child birth? Discuss here.

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Sanj.8 years ago
i have 3 months old baby... pls let me know if it is safe to have intercourse
sdfg.10 years ago
Yes! My sex life is back!!! I have received the order and I am extremely pleased with the service and the pills. I had previously been paying a very high price through prescriptions from my local GP. I am now able to order online without hassle and delivery has been within the stated period. I was a bit wary of ordering from an online pharmacy, especially overseas....but I came to be extremely happy with the service and the product. I will absolutely place any and all future orders through this site
boss gee
boss gee.10 years ago
we are we
vikrant.10 years ago
it is a good article but i think it should be more detailed
Shehla.10 years ago
it is an informative article but need to more in detail.
amanda.10 years ago
i think the article tells me as much as i can its really upto the doctor when it is safe for you to have sex depending on your health and its upto yourself mentaly when you are actually comfortable to start having sex again.
kiran panchal
kiran panchal.10 years ago
sex during pregency is possible.
anup.10 years ago
my new born baby is 3month old can i engage in sex
Archana.10 years ago
my newborn baby is 3months old & the period is not in time, how can guess the safe time for sex?
vijay.10 years ago
i would ike to dram the attention on one factor that when we have to retrain from intercourse during preg. i mean after how many weeks ....
any safe period/weeks and any unsafe period/week to mother and babay.
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