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Where to go on a date

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Have you ever thought of taking your partner to some craziest place? Here are five ideal places to go on a date. These cool dating destinations will surely make your partner happy. Decide where to go on a date and make your loved one happy.

'Honey, this will be one of the romantic dates,' Rohan said winking an eye. 'Where are we going sweetheart?' asked Preeti. Her eyes were sparkling as she could not hold the excitement. 'Well darling, it is a surprise,' he said. She was not able to hold her curiosity but she had to wait for that special day. One fine morning they both stepped out of the car and he blindfolded her eyes. To her surprise she was on top of the tree in a tiny tree house when she opened her eyes.

That was one of the memorable dates for Preeti. Would not you like to arrange a surprise date for your loved one? Here are a few craziest dating ideas. Choose one of these romantic but freaky destinations and show to your partner how creatively you can plan a date.

National park

National park can be a fun dating destination. Pack your picnic baskets and set off with your boyfriend or girlfriend to spend a day amongst animals. Feed the creatures, tease the monkeys, and get surprised to see the colourful birds. Hold hands and get ready to take a ride through the jungle. Many national parks have jungle safari or tiger safari. Imagine how enthralling the experience will be to be together and get excited to watch roaring lions and growling tigers.

Amusement park

What about giving your sweetheart that pulse setting experience by taking him or her to an amusement park? It will be adventurous as well as romantic to hug each other tightly while yelling till your ribs ache. It will be fun to get drenched with splashing water while enjoying the water ride. How about riding a dashing car and banging others' cars? Take you partner to an amusement park and make it a lifetime experience for your sweetheart.

Haunted house

Have you come across such an outrageous dating idea? Make it a surprise date for your partner. Buy two tickets to a haunted house (bhoot bangla) or house of horror. Imagine, just two of you in the middle of of creepy creatures, hanging skeletons, roaming spirits, horrifying ghosts, and spine-chilling darkness. You both will not be apart from each other for a single moment. Make sure that your boyfriend does not leave you behind and run out of the haunted house horror-struck.

Fun fair

Take your sweetheart on a date to a fun-fair. Holding hands, roam around the fair. Apart from thrilling rides there are many other attractions in fun-fairs like stalls of eatables including salty snacks (chats), sweets, cold drinks, ice-creams, and of course candy floss. Visit the game stalls and compete with each other. Make sure that you get a kiss and a hug from your partner if you be the winner. Believe us; you will have one of the memorable dates at fun-fair.


Do you wish to take your partner on an adventurous date? You can go for paragliding. There is no any other recreational and breathtaking sport as paragliding. Flying together in the sky like two chirpy birds will be an amazing experience. Go for paragliding with your beloved and feel the gusty wind. It is really wild experience to float above the world while paragliding.

No matter if it is your first date or one of the special dates, make it memorable. More than the dating tips you require the imagination and creativity to make you romantic date full of enjoyment. Now you know the fun places to go on a date. So, are you ready to show your partner the craziest side of you?

Where did you go on a first date? Where do you usually go on a date? What dating places you would like to visit? To share your views and experiences,click here.

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Feedback on article

Name: Mahesh
City:   Delhi
Comments:   My girlfriend is the one who asked me out on a date. I was shocked thinking how can a girl ask a boy on a date but next moment I thought how pretty she is and how smartly she asked me out. I agreed to go out with her. She asked me to choose a place but I said it is okay if she chooses the place. Her favorite actor is Salman Khan. So, we went to watch Salman Khan’s movie and we had good time together. A few days later we started seeing each other and now we are in a committed relationship.

Name: Mugdha
City:   Kolkata
Comments:   When we went on a date for the first time, it was quite a formal meeting. He was wearing black suit and he has just came from a business meeting. He took me to CCD and then to eat icecream. I remember we both had a huge bowl of chocolate icecream topped with choc chips and crushed chocolate. He was the one who asked me out on a date. We both fall in love with each other at that very moment. Later on our second date he asked me if would like be in his life forever and I said YES. After that we had many romantic dates.

Name: Rimi
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   My boyfriend is very romantic. Every time he does something different for me. Last time we went for a movie and we both love watching movies. The main part is that we never argue on which movie to watch. We both have the same choice. We both love action movies and thus there is any problem. On this particular date we watched Spiderman, and then we went to a pizza hut to have a pizza. Then we went for a long drive on marine drive. It was really a romantic date. For our first date we went to a coffee house near his home.

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