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The Importance of Jumuah (Friday Prayers) in Islam

Jumuah or Friday prayers are a congregational prayer that a Muslim has to observe. On this day the mosques are occupied and the Imam of the community gathers the people for the Salah. In the Holy Quran and the Hadiths it is mentioned that Friday is one of the important days of the week. The one who offers Salah and performs good deeds is indeed rewarded by the Almighty and all the sins are forgiven.

It is a true saying that Allah the Almighty does not like any other act better than Salah (Prayers). The Jumuah Prayers is a congregational prayer offered by the Muslim men and women. On this day the people have to go to the mosque and pray with the Imam (the leader of the community). These prayers include the Khutba that is specially prayed on this day as a preaching in the Islamic tradition. All the localities of the city have to gather in a mosque with true respect and attend the prayers. Women are also allowed to come to the mosque as a special place is provided for them in the mosque where they can offer the Salah with other ladies as well.

The Prophet has also mentioned in his Hadiths that offering five times prayer a day and also Friday Prayer results in the expedition of sins. But only to offer the prayers on Friday and leave the rest does not mean that the Muslim should indulge in sins and think that it would be cleared any how by praying the Friday Salah. It has been mentioned by the Prophet that the best day when the sun has risen is Friday and also on that day Adam had been created by the Almighty. It is so believed that the Day of Judgment would be Friday and so people should be aware and should regret of their sins and turn towards the Almighty with due respect and obliquity.

There are many prayers suggested on this day from the Holy Quran. Some of them are as follows.

  1. Surah Zilzaal - According to the Prophet it is said that praying this Surah on Thursday night would 15 times will protect him from the pangs of death and Allah will ease his punishments on the day off Judgement. Also if you pray this 4 times the reward given by the Almighty is equal to that of praying one whole Quran.

  2. Surah Aalah - It was the habit of the Prophet to pray this Surah in his Salah and also on the eve of Jumuah. The Prophet always used to pray this Surah before going to sleep.

  3. Surah Dukhaan - Praying this Surah on Thursday night or on the day of Jumuah, the person will be blessed and 70 thousand angels will pray for him and ask forgiveness for him until morning. All his sins and bad deeds would be pardoned by the Almighty if a person prays this Surah.

  4. Surah Kahf - this is to be prayed on the day of Jumuah, it is said that a person who prays this Surah a shining light is created for him between his place and Makkah. All the minor sins committed by him from last Friday till today would be forgiven.

  5. Surah Jumuah - This Surah is recited especially on this day as many times you can, as it increases your rewards and forgive sins.

How to Prepare Yourself for Jumuah Prayers

It is very essential and a vital aspect for a person who wishes to go for a Salah, to prepare himself and purify himself before going to the mosque.

  1. The first act to start with is to get purified by having a shower and also ablution should be performed that is called as Wuzu in simple Arabic terms.

  2. Dress yourself with clean clothes. It is very important that you should change your clothes if you have been to the office or anywhere wearing the same clothes.

  3. The application of Itr (Perfume) is also one of the main things or you can apply Kajal or Surma in your eyes as well.

  4. Leaving early from the house towards the mosque and waiting in the mosque for the prayers to begin is one of the good deeds that Allah likes and so he rewards accordingly.

  5. Give away alms to the poor and give charity in the name of Allah is considered to be a noble act.

  6. Greet your parents and take their blessings on this day.

  7. If you can visit the mosque during the day after the prayers, do not stay behind because each of your step taken towards the mosque is rewarded and your sins are forgiven.

  8. Maintaining decorum and not talking between the prayers is a kind of etiquette one should follow.

  9. If there is a place in the front rows of the Imam you should sit there close to him whenever possible.

  10. A person should avoid stepping over people to get a particular spot in the mosque.
Follow the above mentioned steps to prepare yourself for Jumuah prayers so that Allah showers lot of blessings on you. Be consistent in offering Salah on Jumuah, perform good deeds and follow holy Islamic path in right manner.

Do you know what a Jumuah Prayers is? How do we offer Salah on this day? Is it important to go to the mosque on Friday? To share your views and thoughts, click here.


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