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Accidental Pregnancy
Kindly read through our Frequently Asked Questions before submitting your queries. If you still wish to ask a question to our panel of experts, click here for our premium services.

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Accidental Pregnancy >>>
 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My boyfriend and I have sex without a condom, but he never ejaculates inside me, always outside. My periods have been regular till now, but a couple of days ago I noticed a blood clot, which is appearing again and again. I hope I am not pregnant, please advise since we are very worried.

Rhea (, Tanzania)

A: Bleeding in the mid cycle after intercourse could be due to infection or wound on the mouth of the uterus or due to ovulation. Please remember, ejaculating outside does not ensure that you will not conceive, so please use some contraceptive & see a doctor immediately to rule out other causes.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: I was wondering if when a male ejaculates through his clothes and leaks through his mates clothes, could the sperm travel through somehow. I was wondering what happens to the sperm, does it die right away? Could the female get pregnant that way...could the female get pregnant if the males semen leaks through his clothes and into hers, could she somehow get pregnant like that?

Shabnam (, U.A.E)

A: The woman can get pregnant only of the semen enters into the vagina of the woman immediately after intercourse. The chances of sperms entering the vagina through the clothes are pretty less.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: My girlfriend had her period last week (Monday through Thursday) and on Sunday we had intercourse and didn't use any contraception. What are the possibilities that she got pregnant?

A J (Chicago, USA)

A: Based on the information you have provided, it appears that you had intercourse on the 7th day of her monthly cycle (calculated from the first day of her period). The ovulation period (the time that she could have got pregnant) is roughly 14 days before the onset of her next period. Therefore, if she has a 30 day regular monthly cycle, then her ovulation period would be around the 16th day of her cycle (30-14). Based on this, it is unlikely that she could have got pregnant, but in order to be absolutely sure, you should find out the length of her cycle and also whether her cycles are regular.

Dr. Sahni

Q: I had oral sex with my fiancé, and he ejaculated on my stomach. I have not had my period since – it has been 50 days. I am worried. Could I be pregnant?

Tina (Goa, India)

A: If you think there is a chance that the semen may have entered the vagina, then the possibility of pregnancy cannot be ruled out. But before arriving at that conclusion, it is important to know whether you were in the safe period of the cycle (chances of pregnancy are slim) or unsafe period of the cycle (you could be ovulation and chances of pregnancy are high. The unsafe period of the cycle, the time when you could be ovulating, is 18 and 11 days BEFORE the onset of your next estimated period. Since you mentioned you have a 35 day cycle, your unsafe period would be between 17 – 24 days of your cycle. Using this information, you will have to calculate for yourself whether the oral sex occurred in this unsafe period. Since your period is late, the best course of action would be to purchase a home pregnancy kit from any chemist (Pregcolor is one of them, costing about Rs. 40) and get it confirmed. You may want to buy 2 kits to be absolutely sure of the results.

Dr. Sahni

Q: Is it possible to have fooled around with your boyfriend in the water, (but not have had sex) and still get pregnant? Can sperm travel through water into the female? What are the chances of this happening?

Miny (Albuquerque, U.S.A.)

A: It is unlikely that you could get pregnant unless there is a sexual intercourse. Sperms do not travel through water.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: I had my periods on the 15th of this month and mine is a 28 day cycle. We often have sex with the "withdrawal method", my husband withdraws himself just when he is about to come. We have been having sex this way since 2-3 years and till now it has proven effective. But today, while having sex, my husband ejaculated inside me. I washed it off with water and also put my finger inside my vagina and removed whatever I could. Is there any chance in spite of the washing that I might get pregnant? We do not want to have a baby now.

Kirti (Charlotte, U.S.A. )

A: Yes, there is a possibility that you could get pregnant. You should take the morning after pills, which should be available with your neighbourhood chemist.

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