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Conceiving After Abortion
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Conceiving After Abortion >>>
 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Hi, I am 26 years old and have been living in China for the past three years. I have been diagnosed as having fibroids in my uterus and also a cyst in my right ovary. My doctor has advised a Laproscopic surgery for removal of the cyst and fibroids. Is it safe for me to undergo the surgery? What are the chances of me conceiving? If I conceive, will I or my child have any problems?

Minal (Shanghai, China)

A: It is safe to undergo the surgery. Your conception chances will depend on the site of the fibroids and the scarring that will occur after the fibroids are removed.

Q: I had an affair when I was in college, which had resulted in an accidental pregnancy. I had gone for an abortion right away and had not shared this information with either friends or family. I am now married to somebody else and living far away. My husband and I have finally decided to have a baby and I am worried that my previous abortion may result in some complications. I do not wish to share this aspeact of my past with my husband since I am not sure he would be able to accept it. My periods have always been regular. Would I have a problem conceiving?

Leela (Capetown, South Africa)

A: You can go on as planned without any problem. Just forget about the past and live in the present!

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: I am a 33 year old and am trying to conceive a baby. Last summer I got pregnant and when I did an ultrasound at 2 months, I was told that I was carrying twins. Unfortunately, the doctor informed me that one of the twins was not getting fully developed and so the feotus may not be normal. She suggested I have an abortion, and I did. I have now been trying to conceive for the past few months, but without any success. Is there a chance that I will conceive twins again and will they be normal given my age?

Samantha (Maharashtra, India)

A: Don't worry! You have many more child bearing years left in you, and are not old by any means. And 4-5 months is not a very long time. Be patient. Have sex 3-4 times in the fertile period (middle week) and 2-3 times in the adjoining weeks too. As for getting twins, if your or your husband's family tree shows twins, there is more chance of you conceiving twins. If no relatives have twins, it may not be very likely.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

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