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Child Loss
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Child Loss >>>
 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My brother's wife had a caesarian, a baby girl was born. The baby passed away after 9 days. How soon can they plan the next baby.

Viren (Bangalore, India)

A: Ask your sister-in-law to wait for atleast 12 months before trying again as the caesarian operation scar on the uterus needs to heal.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: I had my first delivery at the age of 26.It was a cesarean (due to prolonged second stage delivery).again just after one year I was pregnant but due to some family responsibilities we took a decision to abort. Then after1 1/2 year we planned for another baby. Due to first delivery experience the doctor suggested me to go for a cesarean. The baby was of full days and normal (3 1/2 kg wt.). But after 3 days it started having breathing problem. He was then treated by the team of best doctors from Wadia and Jaslok (Mumbai) but they could not detect the problem. They told that it was really a unique case. We lost our baby after 9 days of its birth. (i.e on 12 march 2001). Now can we go for another baby? Is it advisable to go for a third cesarean? I am 30 years old, does my age permit to take another chance? We are very shattered by the incidence with our second baby and are confused whether to take another chance or not? Please advise.

Ria (Mumbai, India)

A: You will need to do all the test & medical checkup before you decide to have another child. Please see your doctor along with your medical records & then plan for the next baby. This will be your last chance as one would not advise you to have more than 3 caesarean sections.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: I delivered a baby girl last month. She died because of severe jaundice. She was about 7.5 pounds. She seemed normal on the first day, but was looking a little yellow on the second day. We did a blood test and her bilirubin count was 23. She underwent a blood transfusion and the next day her count was 24 and in the evening it was 27. She underwent another transfusion but her body rejected the blood and she got a cardiac attack. Why did she contract jaundice? I ate only home food during my pregnancy. My blood group is 0 positive and my husband is AB positive. Do I have to take any precautions the next time?

Karishma (Mumbai, India)

A: It seems that there was no jaundice on the first day. Your child contracted jaundice on the second day. It appears to have been a physiological jaundice caused due to prematurity or incapability of the foetal liver to handle the load of excessive blood cells being broken down. ABO incompatibility usually leads to a pathological jaundice which manifests within the first 24 hrs of the baby's birth. It seems strange for the bilirubin to have increased so rapidly. A value of 23mg% favours the development of KERNICTERUS, a central nervous system disorder which develops either in pathological jaundice or in a late stage of physiological jaundice. In this context I would be able to help you better if you gave us the exact report of the paediatrician when the baby was born and of the first day and also your blood sugars done during pregnancy--did you have any infections during this pregnancy?

Q: I delivered a baby boy on April 01, 2002. The baby was fine for the first 12 days. On the 13th day he started crying due to some pain. We took him to the hospital and the doctors said his intestine had twisted and he would have to be operated upon immediately. After the operation, the doctors said that there was a volvulus and the intestines had been damaged but were untwisted. After 72 hrs under observation, he was operated upon once again but his intestines had been completely damaged. So there was no chance of my baby's survival. When can I plan for another baby? Is there any chance of recurrence? Why did this happen? Is it somehow related to the contraceptive I had been using before conceiving?

Mithali (Dubai, Middle East)

A: This condition is not a recurrent one so you can get a normal baby. Contraceptives have no role to play in this condition.

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