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Stillbirth >>>
 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly are the causes for a stillbirth? Is it harmful to have tea during pregnancy?

Anisha (Midnapur, India)

A: There are a number of causes for stillbirth in the antepartum period. Some of the causes are pregnancy complications, pregnancy induced hypertension, bleeding during pregnancy that could be caused by low lying placenta, pre-existing medical diseases and acute illnesses, chronic hypertension, chronic renal problems, diabetes, syphilis, severe anaemia, very high fever, congenital malformation of the foetus, RH blood group incompatibility and post maturity IATROGENIC CAUSES administration of Quinine group of drugs external version (forcefully trying to turn the foetus in utero). There are also IDIOPATHIC causes (no cause could be found—most likely due to placental insufficiency). Most studies show that tea in small amounts consumed in pregnancy does not have any adverse effects on the foetus.

Dr. Sahni

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