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You are here : home > Raising Children > Behavioral Problems > Common Causes of Stubborn Behaviour in Children

Common Causes of Stubborn Behaviour in Children

Common Causes of Stubborn Behaviour in Children

What triggers stubborn behaviour in children? Read on to find more about the common causes of stubborn behaviour in children.

Among various character flaws, stubbornness is one among them that leads a person to take wrong decision in many scenarios. Children with sturdy fear have a core range stubbornness, which can become a regular pattern throughout their life. When a kid is forced to perform a task, or follow a list of rules, there arises the character called stubbornness.

Unwanted changes or sudden regulations will not be accepted by most of the children and be stubborn on what they have decided. While raising children, they must be help to dodge this kind of a character during the initial growth years itself, whereas a long delay could lead to a bad ending. It is better to find out the causes behind stubborn behaviour in children and take effective measures to get rid of.

Reasons behind Stubborn Behaviour in Children

Let us take a look at the common causes of stubborn behaviour in children.

1. Miscommunication

When some arguments start at home between child and parent, miscommunication takes place. It is very clear that the parents are busy with many things and they get tensed whenever they face an issue at home, especially with their children. In a haste and frustration, mom and dad start to yell at each other or blast at the kids. This hurts the child and they start to behave badly, leading to a stubborn behaviour. They believe that they are right about what they speak. Thus, arguments or miscommunications are one of the origins for stubborn behaviour.

2. Immaturity

Kids are not aware of what is right and what is wrong. They simply follow others and grasp the things happening around them. In an early stage, they stick to a process or method and try to do the same until they realize the fact and truth. Toddlers do not have much skill or have a little skill in what they do. Maturity level for children is very low which leads to stubborn behaviour and it gets extended till they join kindergarten or up to a class in school.

3. Longing for Freedom

Children do not like others to control their activities and always want to have freedom in everything they perform. If their parents try to stop them, they feel bad that they are unable to complete the task which they love and here exists the behaviour called stubbornness to come out of governing systems.

4. Comparison with Other Kids

Inappropriate or unnecessary comparisons is not good among children as that might create frustration and children may get angry on others with whom they are compared with. In such cases, children become more stubborn on what aspect they are compared and never think on the positive side to correct themselves. Hence, individual or group comparison will not work out with children unless they completely agree it.

5. Curiosity

Everything in this world is new to the children and they are always curious on knowing what happens around them. This curiosity translates their normal behaviour into stubborn character and they try to get knowledge about various things though it is not required for them at an early stage. Many say that curiosity to acquire more knowledge is good for a growing child, but the fact is they become more stubborn to know the details.

6. Role Model

Apart from all the above-mentioned causes, parents are also one of the main reasons for stubborn behaviour. Children observe the actions and communication styles of their parents, learn their eating and sleeping patterns, listen to how they talk while handling the daily problems at home and follow the same. Thus, if someone at home has a stubborn behaviour to fulfil their wishes, the same can be followed by the children and that person becomes the role model.

The reason is not a matter when it comes to children, because most of the kids tend to behave bad at times which cannot be babbled as stubborn behaviour. Talk to the child, explain what is right and what is wrong, make her analyse the reality and create joyful moments throughout the life.

What are the common causes of stubborn behaviour in children? How to prevent stubborn behaviour in children? What are the ways to inculcate good behaviour in children? Discuss here.

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Alesha.6 years ago
The stubbornness is surely going to increase if parents always give-in.
Palak.6 years ago
I agree with you Alesha, the stubbornness in children increase if parents give-in easily.
Naina.6 years ago
All kids are stubborn, stubbornness will reduce as they grow-up.
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