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Be Creative Everyday

-by Editor

Come up with creative ways to make your family and friends happy, and inject some joy into the lives of all around you.

Think for a moment. What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear the word creative? Most often it is used to refer to some work of art, someone who has kept a beautiful house, or a gift. Is it always that way? Being creative does not necessarily entail creating something.

How can I become more creative? People often ask this question. For some it may be losing the fear of being wrong. For others it may be being adventurous. Whatever you do, there are better chances for being creative when you try new things. Explore, listen to new thoughts and keep your eyes open. Make time to make someone happy. Every new experience has something to teach you.

Make it fun

Annie, a software engineer talks of her experience, 'My father used to keep interesting notes at the most unexpected places in the house. He once had note that said 'Every oak was once a nut that stood its ground.' inside the book I was reading. It seemed so appropriate because I was having a bad day.' Now Annie tries something different with her nephews. Being artistically inclined, she makes silly looking puppets and places them inside their cupboards or drawers. The puppets pop out every time the cupboards are opened!


Being creative is also being thoughtful. Some of us have been fortunate to receive a gift that we desperately needed. Priya received a collection of recipes from her older sister when she got married. 'She collected recipes from my grandmother, grand aunts and other elders and compiled them. And now I have a very handy book with exotic recipes!' she said. You do not always have to give thoughtful gifts to be remembered. Even sending a simple email with some old photographs to an old friend you have not had time to keep in touch will rekindle the friendship. Or, enlarge and frame a childhood photograph of your spouse and give it to him.


Everyone loves surprises, especially when you are at the receiving end. If you love surprise visits from good friends and close relatives, return the surprise. Have a surprise party for a friend, your husband, wife or child. Says Annie, 'My father used to pack my lunch for me when my mother was convalescing. He used to continue his note-writing here too with a silly joke or anecdote in my lunch box. I looked forward to lunch breaks to share them with my friends.'


Children often think different. A teacher at a preschool once instructed children to walk in a line as they went outside to play. Everyone followed instructions, except one child. He ran out ahead of the others. When asked why he did that, he said, 'I am an ambulance, in a great rush!' This is also being creative. We lose this creativity as we grow older. We get so busy in our daily routine, we lack the time to be ourselves. So go ahead and think up a surprise theme for dinner tonight, hang a funny note on your teenager's key chain or place a cute card in your spouses bag. Live creatively!

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