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Talk To Each Other

-by Editor

How often, when you return from work and your spouse asks you how was work, do you turn to him or her and mumble okay�
What did you do today
Nothing much, the usual. Hmm. What's for dinner�

Sounds familiar The next time you are on the phone and your spouse asks you, So what was Smita saying� the worst thing you can do is say Oh, nothing. You do this, and your marriage is already on the way to stagnation. Of course, this doesn't signal an end to your marriage, but it just means that the spark, which makes for truly happy and enjoyable marriages, has gotten blown off somewhere on the way. It's time for you to work on lighting it up again.

Dont say Nothing

Make it a rule to never use the word nothing when talking to each other. The next time your husband asks you about your conversation with your friend, tell him what you spoke about. You don't have to disclose your friend's private problems. Some couples don't have secrets between them, but others choose to respect their friends confidences, which is fine. Let your husband in on the rest of the conversation you had with Smita. Perhaps you heard how Mamta's mother-in-law was troubling her, or perhaps Janet and her family are moving into a new, bigger house in the suburbs. Whatever you spoke, as long as it was not confidential, let your spouse in on the gossip! After all, your spouse is your best friend, and if you won't share gossip with your best friend, being together is just not going to be that much fun.

Similarly, when you return from work and your spouse asks you So how was your day don't just say Okay, go into the room and lie down so you can unwind. Instead, try and unwind with the help of your spouse. Very often when you return home from work tired, you are not physically tired but are mentally tired, stressed, and wound up. The best release for stress is not necessarily sleep. Spending time with your spouse, talking about other things, allowing yourself to get a little pampered, is also a great stress reliever.

Discuss office politics

Discuss office politics with your spouse. Is your boss giving you a hard time Are your subordinates acting up Are your colleagues indulging in some backstabbing With much going on in the office, how can you just shrug and say Okay when your spouse asks, How was your day� Give an honest answer. If you refuse to share your problems with your spouse, you are increasing your stress, and not paying enough attention to one of the most important relationships in your life. Instead, seek your spouse's advice looking at things from an outsider's point of view may put the entire situation in perspective, helping you to gain a better understanding of what you can do to cope. After all, your spouse is one person who you can rest assured is on your side and only wishes well for you, and any advice would be genuine, for your welfare. Not only will your stress levels go down, but your relationship will also grow stronger and healthier.

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