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Flirt A Little

-by Mary D'souza

Though you may be single, separated or divorced, flirting is one thing you can't get enough of. It's light, harmless and oodles of tax-free, zero calorie, wholesome fun. And the best part is, you don't have to be stunningly beautiful to be a good flirt. Lay on the carefree charm, lose that attitude and get set to be the belle of the ball. Here's are some tips to help you flirt with ease.

  • Ask unusual questions that the object of your interest would probably not have been asked before. Nothing overly personal, but something that shows you find his or her interests interesting.

  • Flattery gets you everywhere. But remember, people around you are not fools. If you are not genuine in your praise, it will be picked up immediately. So try and figure out what you like about the person, and once you've figured it out, comment on it. Something like you've got nice hands is a comment that is bound to make the other person feel good.

  • The more outgoing you are, the more confident you will appear to be, and the more your confidence will rise, so shake hands, even if you are the first to offer your hand. If you want to inject a flirtation note, finish your handshake with a light squeeze.

  • Laugh at any attempts of humour, but don't overdo it. Convey that you enjoy his company and are having a great time.

  • Make direct eye contact, and don't be bashful about it. If you are hesitant in making eye-contact, the hesitation will show up in your conversation.

  • Flirt smart. Don't hang on to the person you're flirting with. Leave immediately when the conversation takes an upswing and you feel you have aroused interest, so the person is left wanting more, no matter how hard it is.

  • Let your approach and first five minutes of conversation be boldly flirtatious. Use comments like 'of course, anything you say anything you want.' Laugh when you say it though as it should sound like a joke, and back off soon after. Too much aggressiveness is a turnoff.

  • Wear something unusual, like funky hair accessories. It's a great conversational opener.

  • Be well read. It's not enough to be a good listener, though that's pretty on the mark too. Have something intellectually stimulating to add to the conversation, whether its about the latest movies, music, literature, art... Pick up a subject that interests you and try to know all about it. Better yet, try to know a lot about a lot!

  • Eye contact is the name of the game. If you notice someone's looking at you. Look back. Even better, casually glance around the room and then do a double take when you reach him.

    So the next time you're at a social gathering, throw back your shoulders, put on your best smile and enjoy yourself. Remember, it's far better to be chatting with people of the opposite sex and having a good time, than sitting in a corner gossiping with your friends.

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