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Love and Relationship Advices for Men

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The bond of love and relationship can become stronger if one tries to make it stronger. Love and relationship is based only on trust. Therefore, it is very necessary to maintain this trust in love and relationship. Read on to find love and relationship tips and advices for men.

Men are usually left confused when it comes to impress their girlfriends or life partners. Sometimes even if they are genuinely in love with their respective partners, they are unable to show this to them. In few cases they lose their ladylove just because they were not able to express their love. Well, if this is the case with you, you need to learn what exactly women look for in their lovers.

Advices for Men in Love and Relationship

Here are some love and relationship tips and advices for men.


No matter whether your relationship is new or old, compliments will make huge difference. Give her genuine compliment some time or another when you feel like. Women love to know good things about themselves but do not forget that they are aware of the authenticity of your compliments always.


It is not a rule that you need to present her something only when there is an occasion. You can surprise her with an untimely gift. It does not mean that you have to buy expensive gifts always. Flowers will work wonders most often.

Chivalrous Behaviour

Show some chivalry even if your partner is independent and bold. Women like being cared of. Open the car door or pull the restaurant chair for her and make her feel special.

Be Natural

Always be what you are. Even if you are in a new relationship do not pose to be a very good guy when you are not.

Improve your Relationship

If there is any kind of improvement needed, take a step forward and take the initiative to improve it. No matter whether you are married or not, if you love your life partner, there is nothing wrong to accept your fault and take steps to make improvements.

Do you Batter your Wife?

If this is the case, calm down and think about it as a lover. Despite of the modernization and liberalization of women, they are still battered in many parts of the world. Analyze the reason for your frustration and try to eliminate it. If possible talk to your partner regarding this.

Alpha Male

Lot of talking has been about alpha male in the recent past. If you are not an alpha male, there is no need to get frustrated or depressed. Be what you are because romance is the most important thing that matters when you are in love and relationship.

Healthy and Happy Relationship

Remember, when you are in a relationship it needs to be always happy and healthy. Some differences or misunderstandings are natural and let them come and go in a natural way.

Be a Responsible Father

If you have children, your wife expects some kind of responsibility from you.

Ask Questions

Ask questions to yourself about your attitude towards your lady love, your relationship, romance and everything related to your love life. Analyze yourself and see whether you are treating everything as it should be or not.

The advices are not derived from any cases or with the help of psychiatrists, psychologists or therapists. These advices are from women who are experienced, married or not and some have children while some are new in relationship. The first thing that you need to know is that women are not like men. Women have different choices and they look at things differently.

Are you not able to maintain your relationship? Are you going through a difficult phase in your relationship? What should men in love and relationship keep in mind? To share your experiences, views, and tips, click here.

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Feedback on article

Name: Peter Wiener
City:   Wienerville

Name: Kan Singh Rathore
City:   Kota (Raj.)
Comments:   I always honest & faithful with my lover but she is vary sharp lady .

Name: bhupendrab4s
City:   noida
Comments:   these tips aru very helful.but we always think that every girl wants that her lover is a good guy and spport her in every important work in life.And men always speak truth to become happy his lovelife.

Name: Sushma
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   These tips are very good for men. Men should understand that women need appreciation from men. The love, attention and care is always expect from men by women. Therefore, men should keep these tips in mind and maintain good relationship with her rather than only expecting physical pleasure from her.

Name: Furquan
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   It is very necessary to talk to woman politely to win her heart. Women do not like men who talk harshly and keep fighting on petty issues with women. Therefore, men should keep one thing in mind that keep the ego aside and taking initiative can help to reduce the number of fights.

Name: Rajesh
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   The tips given are very good and can help to improve the relationship. It is very difficult to find how woman reacts to a particular action of man. Therefore, it is necessary to keep in mind the good tips and advices in order to maintain the relationship and love.

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