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Top 5 Reasons Men Cheat on Their Wives

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Infidelity has become a major cause for concern in today's times. It is commonplace to hear about husbands cheating with their secretaries or colleagues, and stories of married women having an illicit relationship with their bosses. Instead of pointing fingers, we decided to take a look at what could cause a person to look for greener pastures. In part I, we take a look at top ten reasons men cheat.

'She has changed.'

A simple phrase that sums it all up. This one is the top contender for causing breakups in marriages. A lot of men feel that their wives change drastically after marriage. Many husbands feel that things will be just as rosy after marriage as well, but even though there may be more responsibilities, there is no need to change your personality!

'She does not want to change'

Evolving continuously is a very important in a relationship. People keep changing, and it is important that women stay synchronized with times and their husbands. Many men feel that their wives are stuck in time and do not seem to move on from their courtship days. This could cause strain in the marriage.

'She does not care about looking good'

This is another reason given by a lot of men to defend their infidelity. A lot of men expect their wives to age gracefully and make an attempt to look their best. Though it may seem a bit too demanding, this could work in your favour! A lot of women look great and yet balance a career, home and kids. How do they do it? Go figure!

'She makes me feel old'

This one is a huge grouse among a lot of men, especially those going through the 40s. This is the time that most men need to be reassured of their youth, and constantly reminding them that they are old, even unconsciously, can seem harsh to these men. This may be a good time to bring that spark back into your marriage - take a vacation or do those naughty things you did as a young married couple!

'She does not find time for me'

Getting caught up in a career or in handling the kids is no reason to completely ignore a husband. After all, men need their wives as much as the kids do! So wives need to figure out how they can spend some quality time alone with their husbands. It is vital to constantly reassure your husband about his importance in your life.

So these are the top 5 reasons given by men as reasons for cheating. Look out for part two where we cover top 5 reasons that women cheat on their husbands!

What are the top reasons men cheat on their wives? What are your views on infidelity? Do you think husbands cheat more than wives? To share your experiences, views, and tips, click here.

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