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10 Ways to Please Your Wife

-by Editor

Wives. What would men do without them! They run the house, balance work and home, take care of the kids, put up with a lot from their husbands and do not have a single day off throughout the year! So maybe it is time that you showed her some genuine appreciation. We put together a bunch of ways in which you can make your wife feel special. And these are not things you should try once, stick to them!

Here's our list of what could make your wife's heart melt.

Let Her Know when you will be late

A single phone call would go a long way in letting your wife know that you do not take her for granted! It is quite common for husbands to get caught up with work or friends and completely forget to call home. Make it a point to call home and let your wife know that you will be late.

Learn Cooking

Do not try this if you have already failed at it a million times. But learning to cook and cooking every once in a while can really bring a warm smile on your wife's face. So begin by helping your wife out and slowly learning how to do it yourself. And surprise her by taking care of dinner or breakfast now and then!

Call Her More Often

Do not let work zap you into another dimension. Calling up the missus once or twice a day will not only make her feel more loved but also relax you in the process. Make a conscious effort to remind yourself to call her. If you tend to get caught up with work, set a reminder on your cellphone! Calling her twice a day will definitely improve your marriage.

Take Her Shopping

Taking her shopping is only the start. Don't just hand over your credit card and go to the electronics section once you get to the mall! Try and be a part of the shopping process and offer your opinions. Be more involved with her tastes in clothing and other accessories. You may end up learning a lot yourself!

Turn Off the TV Set

Stop treating the idiot box like your wife. Many men get home and stay glued to the TV set till it is time to sleep. Even if you've had a long day at work, make it a point to spend a few moments asking about your wife's day too. You may find it far more interesting than a TV show!

Compliment Her... in Public

There's nothing that could quite make your wife blush as a compliment among friends. Women love attention and a compliment from you should make her day. But ensure you do not goof it up by exposing an embarrassing fact in the process! Make it a simple, obvious and honest compliment to your wife and watch her face light up!

Get More Involved with the Kids

'Being vaguely aware of some short people living in the house' is how a comedian once described a father's awareness of his children. Do not be that father! Get more involved in the daily lives of your children. Pack their school bags, make their lunch or drop them off to school. Do something which will take the load off your wife, and she will love you for it!

Find More Ways to Spend Time Together

Starting a hobby class together is one great way of spending time together. You could also take up gymming or enjoy a walk together. It is important for you to spend some time alone with your wife everyday. It brings both of you closer in many ways!

Do not treat her like a Mom

Sure she's a mom to your kids but she's also your wife! Be more caring and treat her like you just got married to her. Many women complain that men tend to look at them as the mother of their children and less as their wives. So go ahead and get naughty with her every once in a while!

Getting Her Gifts Randomly

It does not HAVE to be an anniversary or birthday for you to go gift-shopping. After all, a gift is welcome throughout the year! Make it a point to pick up something small for the wifey when you go to a mall or see something on your way to work. Rest assured she will be blown away!

So these are some ways in which you can let your wife know how much you appreciate her presence in your life. And do not be surprised if she gets suspicious about the sudden change in you!

When was the last time you did something special for the wife? Did she like it? Do you express your love to your wife often? To share your experiences, views, and tips, click here.

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Name: rowel
City:   maramag
Comments:   thanks for the brief lesson, my wife will be happier starting today

Name: Lijo thomas
City:   Dubai
Comments:   Wow. This is really very good info. Looks like my wife is talking.

Name: nissar
City:   india
Comments:   I like you suggestions of pleasing wife

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Name: Amrit
City:   Ranchi
Comments:   Its all ur tips are nice.And coincidently i hv dn many of those in early.i love my wife so much and she loves me too.we only believe that compromise is the key of happy marriage life as well as evry relation,but from both sides is neccessary.

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