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Sleeping Positions

Did you know that there are 8 different sleeping positions? The sleeping position of a person says a lot about his personality and behavioural characteristics. Read on to know what your sleeping position says about you.

The Tummy Sleeper

Do you sleep on your tummy the entire night? While you are balanced and level headed, you tend to be slightly narrow minded. You have fixed ideas and are unlikely to accept another person's opinion easily. You force people to comply with your needs, and you rarely adjust to others. In spite of this, you are popular and have many friends.

The Side Sleeper (with knees curled)

If you sleep on your side, without your knees curled in towards your tummy, it indicates that you are a confident person. You usually are successful in most of your undertakings. You are hardworking and dedicated. Your lack of success at anything is more due to your neglect than incompetence. If you sleep on your right side, with your right arm stretched out under your head, power and fortune are not far from
your grasp.

Fetal Position

If you sleep on your side with your knees curled up towards your stomach, in a fetal position, it shows that you are vulnerable and sensitive. You are easily hurt. You also tend to be selfish, and put your needs first. You have a short temper and are easily irritated

Side Sleeper (with one knee bent)

Do you sleep on your side, with one knee bent and the other straight? You are an introverted person. However, you are balanced and intelligent. You don't have patience with those who are less intelligent than you. Loosen up! You talk less because you don't believe in indulging in unnecessary conversation. You don't discuss your feelings, and are not a very emotional person. You are rational and think with your head, not with your heart.

Side Sleeper (with your knees slightly bent)

If you sleep on your side with your knees slightly bent, but not completely in a fetal position, it shows that you are a sincere and loving person. You are sensitive, polite and gentle. You tend to be too harsh and critical of yourself. You would never hurt anyone intentionally - you're too nice a person. You have a good heart.

Sleep on your back (arms crossed)

If you sleep on your back with your arms crossed under your head, it shows that you are an intelligent person. You are not a chatterbox, but you are friendly. It takes you a while to get to like someone. Men who sleep like this make good providers, but they don't love easily. Too choosy perhaps.

Sleep on your back (legs crossed)

If you sleep on your back with your legs crossed, it shows that you are slightly vain and self obsessed. You find it difficult to accept change. You like things to stay the way you are, and are constantly looking back into your past. You are a solitary person, and you are also very tolerant and patient.

Sleep on your back (with your arms and legs spread out)

If you sleep on your back with your arms and legs spread out, it shows that you are a free spirit! You love your independence. And, you love to gossip! In addition, you enjoy the luxurious things in life, and are a spendthrift. But, thankfully, you earn a lot as well.

Do you sleep in a particular position every night? Did you know that the way a person sleeps says a lot about his personality? What’s your sleeping position? Discuss here.

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Kinshuk Mahajan.2 years ago
Does a change in sleeping position denote something? I used to sleep on tummy earlier but now lately I have started sleeping on my back.
Surendra sodhi.2 years ago
Sleeping position does determine one's personality. It tells us about the way a person behaves. A good way of studying people.
Myntra Nn.2 years ago
interesting facts about sleeping positions. It was nice reading the personality traits associated with sleeping positions.