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What is Garbha Sanskar

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Garbha Sanskar is a guideline to be followed during pregnancy for proper development of the baby. Learn about the objective of Garbha Sanskar.

Garbha Sanskar is a ritual that is indigenous to the Hindu community. It has been in practice since the ancient times and people have believed in its effectiveness even to this day. It is performed on the woman who has conceived so that the mother and the yet to be born baby is provided with the best desired environment. It is a process that looks into the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being of the mother and her child. In other words,
Garbha Sanskar is a sort of guideline to be followed during pregnancy in order to ensure that the child born is a divine one.

Now it is important to interpret the objective in a radical manner. By ‘divine’, it is not implied that the child to be born would be God incarnate, but what it actually means is that the child would develop in an environment and thus be born with all the good and desirable qualities that will prove to be required for a healthy and fulfilling life.

The Objective of Garbha Sanskar

The nine months of pregnancy is believed to be a very decisive period for the mother and more so for the child that is developing into a wholesome life from a tiny cell. So according to the traditional puritanical Hindu view, it is vital that these nine months are spent following a certain routine approach towards holistic development. Since the sole objective of Garbha Sanskar is to ensure that the offspring is born not only healthy physically and mentally, but also spiritually.

The Ritual and Science

Although Garbha Sanskar is a ritualistic process, people are still following it in many parts of the world for the simple fact that the approach is not unscientific. There is absolutely no clash in facts and basics that are believed to be the core of this ritual and radical physiological science. It has been long proven that the unborn baby has the potential to listen, feel and respond to the outside environment. And the outside environment therefore renders an invaluable impact on the mode of development of the baby.

Almost over 60% of the development of the brain takes place when the baby is in the womb of the mother. The methodology practiced during Garbha Sanskar only makes proper use of this fact and attempts to provide the desired environment that is conducive to the growth and proper development of the baby.

The Motto of Garbha Sanskar:

Garbha Sanskar follows this mantra “Sanskaro Hi Gunaantaradhanam”. This translates into – we can change the bad or the potential bad qualities with the good ones, which implies a positive transformation procedure. This is Explained by a very simple example, when we add a small amount of curd in milk, the milk loses its original property, thereby undergoing ‘Vikruti’, by getting altered into curd. But then when we beat this curd well, this again changes its property to form buttermilk, and if this is heated, it gets further transformed to a stable derivative, Ghee. So, this is a reformation procedure that leads to positive qualities in a person/environment.

Garbha is translated into the innermost part or the womb, and Sanskar is reformation, or moulding or educating the yet to born one. It is a sensitive approach towards pregnancy that does not interfere with the medical care that is suggested by the healthcare provider.

Finally, perhaps the best part of this Garbha Sanskar is that it believes that the mother should become pregnant by choice and not by chance. This way the couple is best prepared to welcome a new life on this earth. The physical and mental preparation is vital to ensure that the child is born in the ‘perfect’ environment. With the desired care and efforts, remarkable signs of wellbeing is noticed when the baby is born and thereafter in his future life.

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Leepa Mudra.3 years ago
Garbhsanskar is an important ritual in pregnancy. It is an ancient Indian tradition. Being happy and having positive thoughts is good for the baby.
Kavita.3 years ago
The mother should be happy throughout the nine months of her pregnancy so as it give birth to a healthy baby.
Urja Rao.3 years ago
Nine months of pregnancy are very important not only for the baby but also for the mother. the thinking of the mother influences the baby inside the womb
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