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How to Get Pregnant

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Are you planning to complete your family with a baby? Read these helpful tips on how to become pregnant. Many couples are faced with problems while trying to conceive. Read these helpful tips to get pregnant. Read about the essential lifestyle changes for pregnancy and when does it become important to seek medical help.

Getting pregnant may not be as easy as you think. At times, pregnancy might be fast and quick, but at other times it may take a long time. Pregnancy is one of the biggest joys in a couple's life and you might be eagerly waiting for that little bundle of joy to arrive. Here are some tips you can use to get pregnant.

Getting Pregnant

Learn When You are the Most Fertile

The time when ovulation occurs is your most fertile period and it is at this time that you should try to conceive. In this period, you have the maximum chances of conception.

Ovulation is the release of the egg by the ovaries. If the egg does not fertilize with the sperm, you will get your period as normal. During a woman's ovulation phase, there will be secretions of a clear, slimy, and cervical mucus. These secretions will look like egg-whites.

The five days up to ovulation and the day of ovulation itself is the most fertile period. Studies show that there are only six days a month when a woman can get pregnant.

Couples must try to have sex as often as possible during this period. In fact, having sex each day during the period when ovulation is likely, increases the chances of pregnancy.

There are female fertility kits available which are very accurate and have ovulation monitors which will help you to know when is the best time to try to conceive.

Don't rush to the bathroom immediately after the act. Studies show that if you lie down after intercourse for five minutes or so, you increase the chances of the sperm fertilizing with the egg.

Lifestyle Changes for Pregnancy

To increase chances of conception, certain lifestyle alterations will deliver positive results. In the earlier times, women's bodies were perfect for conceiving with ideal levels of hormones, vitamins, etc. But modern life has changed this and taken away this ideal state.

Eat a balanced diet and try to maintain a normal weight. A large number of women who were previously under weight or over weight and were suffering from infertility were able to conceive once they reached an ideal weight.

Eat a diet rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants. These can normally be found in fruits, vegetables, meat and other natural foods.

Avoid smoking as it has been scientifically proven that tobacco interferes with the conceiving aspect in a woman's body. It can also lead to problems for a baby when he is born.

Reducing caffeine intake can help too because studies show that increased caffeine consumption has been linked to increased chances of miscarriage. Try to limit your coffee to one cup a day and tea to two cups a day.

Another important lifestyle habit is that a woman who is trying to get pregnant must get adequate sleep. If you are trying to conceive, getting enough sleep is important because lack of sleep reduces the hormone leptin which plays an important role in ovulation.

When to See a Doctor?

For couples who are in their twenties and early thirties, you need not consult a doctor if it has not been more than a year that you are trying to conceive. If it has been more than a year that you are trying to conceive and have still not been successful, then you should seek medical help. For couples in their late thirties, who want to conceive, they should seek advice and help from the doctor.

For couples who are infertile, appropriate treatment will help. You must find out the root of the problem. Consult an expert gynecologist or your husband's urologist. Also, speak to your family doctor. If nothing works, take help from a fertility expert for advanced treatment.

Many couples think that getting pregnant is extremely easy and will be possible without any difficulty. But, that is not always true. At times, trying to conceive can become a long, tiring and frustrating process.

But by following tips which increase your chances of conceiving and with lady luck on your side you can soon expect that little bundle of joy coming along.

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subu.1 year ago
i get married last stil im not consive.when correct time for sex
subu.1 year ago
i get married last stil im not consive.when correct time for sex
subu.1 year ago
i get married last stil im not consive.when correct time for sex
subu.1 year ago
i get married last stil im not consive.when correct time for sex
subu.1 year ago
i get married last stil im not consive.when correct time for sex
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