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You are here : home > Preconception > Planning your Conception > Best Sex Positions to Get Pregnant

Best Sex Positions to Get Pregnant

Pregnancy happens when sperm meets with an egg. Certain factors are helpful for a successful pregnancy. When all the factors are present conception will take place. Some positions of sex are said to be more effective for getting pregnant. Do sexual positions help in getting pregnant or are they just a myth? Read on the article Myth about Sexual Positions and Pregnancy.

It is very important to clear it at the onset that there is no exact best position that can help you get pregnant immediately. You need to take note that a few simple things takes place one after the other in order to bring about a successful pregnancy. They are:

  1. You need to have intercourse on and around the time of ovulation.
  1. Penetration of the penis is required to be achieved while having intercourse
  1. Penis is inside the vagina when ejaculation happens

When all these aspects are taken care of, you stand the optimum chances of becoming pregnant regardless of the position that you adopt to make love.

Here is How the Pregnancy Actually Takes Place –

When ejaculation takes place the sperms get shot up inside the vagina. It enters right up to the entrance of the cervix and often it goes beyond that too. From here the sperm begins to take an upward journey. The sperm receives help in this ride from mucus present in the vagina as it gradually moves upward towards the mouth of the fallopian tubes. It is here that the fertilization actually takes place and the woman becomes pregnant.

Why are Certain Positions Considered to be More Effective? Some Myths

It has been said earlier that any position can result in pregnancy if the above mentioned conditions are fulfilled. However, certain love making positions are considered to be effective due to the gravitational aspect.

So it is important to remember that this belief that having sex while standing cannot make a woman pregnant. It is false. If the sperm is able to reach the uterus and meet the ovum, the woman would inevitably become pregnant. But this myth follows from this misconception that the sperm will flow out of the vagina and thus prevent pregnancy. But in reality, not all of the sperm will flow out. Some amount of it might remain and then later travel through all the passage and fertilize the egg.

For a pregnancy to happen the sperm needs to be virtually injected into the cervix so that it meets the egg. And surprisingly this is exactly the natural process how pregnancy occurs through normal love making.

There is another belief that if the woman lifts both her legs for at least fifteen minutes after having sex, her chances of becoming pregnant increases manifold. This is again not the case always. Lifting up the legs has nothing to do with successful conception. It has also been observed that after having intercourse at night, the woman experiences a flood of sperm flowing out of her vagina. This of course does not mean that she may not have conceived the previous night. This is due to the simple reason that a considerable amount of sperm has already traveled the course to reach the egg.

The Catch

Therefore any position can result in pregnancy. But the chances can increase even if by a hairline, if you can use the natural gravity to your aid while you are in the act. This entails that in the missionary position when the man is on the top or in the rear entry position, there are maximum chances that the sperm is shot up deep in to the woman’s cervix and is allowed to remain there unhindered. Then it can take its natural course to meet the egg and fertilization occurs pretty easily. It also helps for the sperm to stay and travel if the woman places a pillow or cushion under her hips while making love as it prevents the sperm to flow out of the vagina easily. 

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Luther Marina.3 years ago
Wow so excited for what this great man did for me in helping me to get conceive a baby of my own after been married for the pass 15years of no child but since i met this man online my problem is now solve and am now pregnant with 4months pregnancy and am so excited to be in this mood which i have been looking for in a long time now and i thank God i met this great man on time who solve my problem contact him on for your solution too.
Harnam.5 years ago
Sex positions do help in conception. Some positions aid the process of conception. If you are unable to conceive, then do try any of those positions.
Jasmeet.5 years ago
My wife is having problem in getting pregnant. We have done all the tests required to determine if any of us is having infertility issues but the tests are normal.Can sex positions help in conception?
Pawan.5 years ago
I prefer missionary position. It is most comfortable position. There are no issues of not getting pregnant with this position.
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