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You are here : home > Post Delivery Issues > Aches and Pains > Body Changes New Moms Experience after Delivery

Body Changes New Moms Experience after Delivery

New moms have to cope with a lot of bodily changes after childbirth and delivery. Read on to learn more about the body changes that women undergo after pregnancy and delivery.

After the arrival of the baby certain things change at home. The baby becomes the first priority then. Among other things the new moms also experience certain changes in their bodies. The major changes that the new moms experience after childbirth are discussed below.

1. Dark Circles

This is very common after birth so there is nothing to worry. The discolouration of the skin and tanning around your eyes and neck will slowly fade away after 2-3 weeks after the childbirth. Some moms also experience dry skin or patchy skin accompanied with rashes. Pimples and acne are the most common skin problems that moms-to-be suffer during the months of pregnancy, but it goes away weeks after the childbirth.

2. Those Extra Pounds

The extra pounds that moms acquire after giving birth to the little ones are nothing to worry about. This happens due to the hormonal changes that take place after pregnancy. A little exercise and a balanced diet is enough to get back to your shape. But never starve in order to remain slim post-pregnancy; otherwise both you and your baby will have to suffer.

3. Hair Loss

On an average a normal human being loses around hundred strands of hair every day, but during the months of pregnancy, because of the hormonal changes the hair loss is minimal. So after the pregnancy is over the body in order to balance the hair loss loses that extra hair for the first 6-7 months after pregnancy. After that the hair comes to its normal cycle.

4. Tummy Shape Changes

After the childbirth even the fittest moms go through certain changes in their abdominal section. For 2-3 weeks after the birth of the baby the uterus remains hard and round due to which there is some flabbiness in the abdominal section. Also moms experience those red stretch marks around their tummy which with time will blend with the skin. Sit ups and other exercises can help you get back to your original shape.

5. Urinary Infections

During childbirth the urethra may get affected due to the pressure while giving birth. Also new moms may develop certain infections in the urinary tract which will go by proper medication.

6. Excessive Sweating

It is common to sweat heavily after childbirth. This is because the body releases the extra fluid that was acquired during the months of pregnancy.

7. Swollen Feet

The swollen feet will take some time to get back to its original shape post partum. Moms experience uncomforting due to the swollen legs which will slowly go way after they begin losing weight after the childbirth.

8. Shape of the Breasts Changes

Every woman experiences the changes in their breasts after the birth of a child. The breasts tend to become swollen and will begin to sag after the swelling goes away after two three days of childbirth.

9. Backache

During pregnancy the abdominal muscles become much tender than usual. The body puts on extra weight on these muscles until they begin tightening, this leads to the backache.

10. Constipation

New moms suffer from constipation even after the childbirth. To help ease this problem a lot of fibrous foods are to be included in the diet along with the proper intake of water.

11. Energy Level Changes

Some moms feel energetic like never before because the aerobic capacity after the childbirth increases making the body feel energetic. But some moms feel tired and exhausted after the childbirth and sleepless nights to take care of the little one. The obesity after the childbirth is also one of the causes that make the new moms feel uncomfortable and lazy.

After the childbirth these physical changes in women are common and not to be worried about. Regular exercise and proper diet will help you get back to your proper shape.

What kind of body changed do new moms experience after delivery? How can new moms cope with the body changes after pregnancy? Which ways should new moms follow to recover faster after childbirth and delivery? Discuss here.

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Naina.1 year ago
Following a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy may help to avoid health issues after delivery and childbirth.
Barkha.1 year ago
Other body changes are alright but weight gain is the only change that bothers most of the new moms.
Palak.1 year ago
Good fitness regimen and healthy diet is very crucial for getting back in shape after delivery.
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