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You are here : home > Post Delivery Issues > Post Delivery Weight Loss > How to Get Back in Shape Post Delivery

How to Get Back in Shape Post Delivery

Post delivery weight loss regimen should be started after consulting a doctor. Here are some tips which you can follow to get back in shape post delivery.

Getting back in shape post delivery is the second most important point in the priority list after taking care of the baby. All the fat and flab that you have accumulated during pregnancy now seems to weigh you down and you are in a hurry to
get back in shape as soon as possible. This is very much possible the only fact to note here is that you must understand that losing fat is a gradual process and you need to be patient and persistent with your efforts.

Timing is Important

Take care that you do not act in a hurry and harm your body in its recuperating stage. So seek the advice of your doctor on the right time for you to begin exercising. Usually a six week period is suggested before the new mother is advised to start her exercise regimen. Caesarean delivery cases might require a longer period. The point is to learn to listen to the signals given by your body. You will automatically understand and know when it is ready to resume a normal routine. But be sure to discuss with your physician and trainer first.

Be Regular with Your Stretching

If you have had an uncomplicated normal vaginal delivery, you can be asked to start with your vaginal exercise, Kegels right within a few hours after birth. Kegel is a simple and non stressful exercise that works by constricting and strengthening the loose vaginal tissues. They also help in strengthening the pelvic floors. In order to attain maximum benefits, be regular and consistent with your Kegels.

Give Special Attention to Your Abdomen

It is indeed a challenge to get back those flat abs you had before pregnancy. But you can always work your way towards it. Start with mild sit-ups, but ensure that you do it after consulting your doctor and on a matted ground. Lie on your back, bend your knees and place your feet on the floor or lift your legs on a chair at 90degrees. Now inhale as you are lifting your head and shoulders up. Be slow and do not go to the sitting position right away. Then lower your body as you exhale.

Always Wear Supportive Inners

When you are breastfeeding, your breasts will feel softer and fuller. Do not make the mistake of wearing loose and tattered bras to ensure comfort while feeding your baby. They must be properly supported so that they can get back the firmness shape soon. Also it helps while you are exercising and it is more comfortable when they are nicely supported. It is also important that you breastfeed before you begin your exercises as it will reduce that fullness feel.

Stick to a Set Routine

There will be days when you just do not feel like moving around. But when you want to lose the post delivery weight, you must realise that nothing beats a regular and disciplined regimen. So give yourself that motivation and make regular workouts a part of your everyday life. You should workout for at least thrice a week and for a minimum of 30 minutes after consulting your doctor.

All set and done, you must consistently listen to your body. Never over exert yourself and always stop and seek medical advice the moment you feel dizzy, experience shortness of breath, have heart palpitations, get a feeling of unclear vision or find an increase in vaginal bleeding.

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Miska.5 years ago
hi Helena, you have to stop all the junk for weight loss. i must say that you have to stop eating pizza. a pizza has lot of calories and cheese is the fattening factor. if you are serious about weight loss, then avoid pizzas....
Helena.5 years ago
i cannot stop eating pizzas i just love pizzas and all Italian stuff. i had delivered my baby 6 weeks back, during my pregnancy i had put on a lot of weight. now i want to reduce it . how can i do it....i don't want to stop eating pizza.....
heena.5 years ago
my baby is 4 months now and i am still fat and my tummy still looks like i am pregnant. i had a caesarian delivery and had to suffer much pain during recovery period. now i seriously want to lose weight.....please advise
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