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You are here : home > Post Delivery Issues > Aches and Pains > Abdominal Pain After Delivery

Abdominal Pain After Delivery

Abdominal Pain After Delivery

Abdominal pain after delivery is a major cause of discomfort for new mothers. Get rid of the pain and sore feeling and learn how to deal with abdominal pain post delivery.
Abdominal pain can be a huge discomfort after delivery. You might think that once the labour and the delivery are over, you will obtain relief from all the pains and aches. While this is true that all the pains and cramps will go away, it does take time to fade off. Many new mothers suffer a great deal due to the abdominal pain that at times just refuses to go away! Well, there can be several causes for the pain and once the correct issues are addressed, sooner than later you will find a marked improvement in your system. Given below are some of the probable causes that are behind those abdominal pains:

The Childbirth Trauma

The abdominal area will be affected whether you have had a normal birth or a caesarean one. The perineum that is the tissues around your vagina and anus can get torn, or may have been surgically torn by the doctor in order to aid the birth of the baby. These tissues are then stitched together and thus cause discomfort and pain. The pain is more intense if the stitches happen to be an internal one. And if the delivery has happened via a C-section, you automatically have plenty of stitches on your abdomen. So in either case, you will have a good deal of pain and aches in your vaginal area and the lower abdominal area.

How Long Does This Pain Stay?

Post delivery, the abdominal pain stays for a week to ten days or so and, gradually lessens down and goes away, along with a sense of itchiness. But the lingering pain may stay for a much longer period in some women and the extra sensitivity and discomfort in the area may remain for even about a month. So it is vital for your health to stay in touch with the doctor and report every change and development in your body, in order to obtain the right advice from him. Make sure that you follow all the suggestions and medications in the meanwhile. The pain and sore feeling might make bowel movements difficult too.

How to Deal With Abdominal Pain Post Delivery?

Doctors suggest various precautionary measures that help in the healing process. Apart from regular medication, you must make sure that you do not bend your waist to pick up things, rather bend your knees. You also need to take care that you sit with your back straight and if required prop yourself with pillows and cushions when you nurse your baby. For an easy bowel movement, you must have a balanced diet and include adequate amounts of fibre in your diet.

Finally, you also need to take good rest and simultaneously start off with light workouts as soon as you receive the green signal from your doctor. This is why you need to get yourself regularly assessed so that your abdominal condition with respect to stitches and other soreness are properly screened. As you do workouts, the stamina of your body will increase and you will find yourself healing fast. Kegel exercises are also a great way to heal the vaginal tissues and tighten them as well. But the most important point to remember, an improvement in your abdominal status will not happen overnight. Your body has gone through a great deal of stress during pregnancy and delivery, so you must give it an adequate time to recover. So, go slow and steady and be regular with your follow-ups with the doctor.

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Norrie.8 years ago
i have abdominal pain after five days of delivery....Routine tests were done and it ruled out any infections...
Preesha.8 years ago
Nice article......abdominal pain is a major cause of discomfort and this article helps in dealing with post delivery abdominal pain.....
Johri.8 years ago
abdominal pain is common after delivery but if the pain is severe, then it needs to be checked....
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Dr. Mayuri Dr. Mayuri
Your doctor may be right. these may be after birth pains...Sometimes these contractions are very severe and may be unbearable....Please do the tests to rule out any problems or complications.......
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Pavana Pavana
The pains which you are expecting are post delivery pains. I was given epidurals so i didn' t experience much pain. To deal with abdominal pains, start kegel' s exercises and simple aerobics such as w...
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