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You are here : home > Post Delivery Issues > Post Delivery Weight Loss > Post Delivery Diet Tips for Weight Loss

Post Delivery Diet Tips for Weight Loss

Right diet and following doctor's advice can help to lose weight easily post delivery. Read on to find post delivery diet tips for weight loss.

Post delivery diet tips can be a tricky situation if you are constantly glancing over celebrity photographs in lifestyle magazines. It is a perfectly normal situation for every woman to gain weight during pregnancy. The point is how effectively you can prepare your body to fight off that extra flab, how soon and in what manner. You need not adapt a strange lifestyle but just some simple adjustments in your regular diet plan can help
post delivery weight loss pretty easily. Given below are some such tips:

Set Yourself a Goal

After consulting your doctor and dietician you are now aware on what diet plan would work best for you. You must firstly ensure that all the requirements of your body and the baby that you are breastfeeding is met through your diet plan. Now, you must set short term goals, like a weight loss target for a fortnight to a month. This acts a discipline inducer and great motivator.

Be On the Move Always

After childbirth women feel a persistent lack of energy, which is but natural as they have gone through a very strenuous phase. So the body needs time to get back the earlier energy levels. But if you indulge yourself in too much of rest, you cannot attain weight loss. In order to bring yourself back to your earlier shape and fitness levels, you need to work towards it. So apart from diet, stay active throughout the day.

Stop Eating for Two

This is a habit that you have developed since your pregnancy days. It was natural in order to ensure the needs of the growing baby inside you. Now during the post delivery stage, you do not need to carry on with this habit. You must just ensure that your nutritional, mineral and essential fat requirements are met.

Small Meals

An elaborate meal or the idea of four square meals a day may not be a part of an effective weight loss plan. Eat only when you feel hungry and opt for small meals that are scattered throughout the day. This will help to keep your energy levels high throughout the day and also curb your urges to binge.

Snack Healthy

In between your meals when you feel like munching, you must ensure that the snacks are healthy. It is a good idea to snack on nuts, fruit slices or oatmeal cookies. Be a disciplined eater. Remember, a snack is an in-between food and not a meal in itself. Half a sandwich, some carrot sticks and a glass of milk is light as well as healthy.

Stay Away from Junk

Like any other weight loss plans, during post delivery period too you must stay away from any type of junk food and aerated drinks. They will just pile up the calories and add nothing nutrition-wise.

Drink Plenty of Water

This not only helps to hydrate your system but also helps in curbing those binging urges. You have had those cravings when you were pregnant and happily indulged in them. Now that you want to lose weight, you must control such urges. Drinking plenty of water and fruit juices throughout the day ups the nutrition quotient and kills the urge to munch on junk.

Have a Hearty Breakfast

It is a myth that skipping the breakfast helps in losing weight fast. Rather such a habit induces fatigue and is a reason for post delivery depression too. Breakfast is the first food of the day and it ought to be a healthy one. After all it prepares the body with energy and motivation to work through the entire day. Skipping breakfast can sabotage weight loss attempts according to several studies as the body tends to go high  on carbs and fats in order to make up for lack of energy and induces binge eating.

Always Avoid Second Helpings

While following the dietician’s chart you can be assured that your nutritional requirements are well looked after. So when you are in for a meal, avoid all second helpings even if it is your favourite dish. There is no reason to abstain from your likings but it helps to restrain from over-indulgence.

Choose Food Wisely

Here is how you can keep a check on your post delivery diet.

  • Opt for low fat milk and yoghurt.

  • Whole wheat breads and cereals.

  • High-fibre and low fat fruits like berries, oranges and apples.

  • Raw vegetables like red pepper stripes, papayas, carrots and leafy greens like spinach and lettuces.

  • Avoid sauces and go for fruit or veggie smoothies.

  • Have pureed vegetable soups or add veggie purees to your chicken soup, avoid adding cream to thicken it.

  • Go for boiled, grilled or baked veggies, meat and fish instead of even light fried ones.

  • Have mono and polyunsaturated fats in your cooking medium. Options are olive oil and canola oil.

Finally, you must realise that each individual has a different body condition and must resort to weight loss diet plans accordingly. Do not set yourself a target that you cannot achieve. Stick to the plans that are gettable and you are not required stressing your system in order to attain it. Remember, you are still recuperating from the trauma of childbirth. Do not try out fad diet plans that you see in magazines. Remember, there’s no magic wand and nothing happens overnight.

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Bani.5 years ago
great site with very good infor. i like the info. given in simple language. i am a new mother and seriously wanting to lose weight. the tips simply motivate me.
Samina.5 years ago
i had gained around 25 kg during my pregnancy. Now my son is an year old now and i have been able to shed 15 kg so far. i am following a combination of healthy diet and exercise. when can i get back my pre-pregnancy shape?
Kia.5 years ago
i lost all my pregnancy weight by having a healthy oil free diet...i had fresh fruits as snacks. so in just 3 months, i had reduced much of my weight....
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