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Post Delivery Aches and Pains

Post delivery aches and pains may take many new mothers by surprise. Find out the reasons of pains and aches in various parts of your body post delivery.

Post delivery, you can suffer from a good amount of pain all over your body. You might be surprised at the causes that have led to so much pain and feeling of injury in the body. Some new mothers compare the condition of their body to losing a boxing match very badly! You may feel severe aches in your rib cage, a throbbing pain in your abdominal area and an extremely sore back. Though the area and intensity of pain in not the same for all women, but here are some common areas that new mothers experience pain post delivery:

The Bleeding Persists With Abdominal Pain

This case is especially true for women who have become first time mothers. Post delivery the bleeding continues for quite a few days and in some, the bleeding is pretty heavy accompanied by severe abdominal pain. This can be taken care of by the medicines prescribed by the doctor and you need regular monitoring too. On an average the bleeding and the severe abdominal pain fade out after a couple of days post delivery, or after about four days. It is advisable to use sanitary napkins and panty liners but do not go for tampons as they can raise the risk of contracting infection.

You will also notice that the pain and the bleeding increases particularly during the time when you are breastfeeding your baby. There is nothing to worry about this, as this is natural for some women and medications will help you get better soon. But if there persist to be big gushed even after a couple of days, it should be immediately reported to your physician.

Painful Cramps

Post delivery, the uterus needs to retract to its original shape, and this is the precise reason why abdominal cramps are experienced. The uterus had stretched to accommodate the baby and then it had pushed the baby out of it and now its time for it to retract. These cramps are very similar to the menstrual cramps that you experience every month and they are found to increase in intensity when you breastfeed your baby. You can be suggested to take some painkillers if they get too severe. In most cases, these cramps are quite natural post delivery and fades off after about a week or so. 

Aches in Your Breasts

Post delivery, rather after a day or two after you give birth, you will find that your breasts are feeling extremely sore. This is because the milk is flowing in your breasts. It is advisable to get your baby latch on perfectly to your breast and ensure that they are alternately drained off at regular intervals. This will help you deal with the acute engorgement. Some doctors suggest that if the baby is unable to latch on well, you can resort to a pump to stimulate the flow of the milk. You can try to ease the ache by applying a pack of ice on your breasts.

In fact, these pains and aches on various parts of your body are a part of the pregnancy and childbirth process. The post delivery aches can get severe at times and especially when you are nursing or during the night and this may cause excessive sweating as well. This night sweats are also a part of the process by which the hormone adjustment takes place post labour. It actually expels the extra fluids that are still retained in your body post pregnancy. This problem will go off on its own within a few days, as you begin to feel more normal.

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juliana mass.6 years ago
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Bolina.6 years ago
i didn't experience any pain after my delivery... what does it anything wrong with me?
Gren.6 years ago
Good guys are just awesome. so much information in a well written article....
Inza.6 years ago
Cramps are a part of post delivery healing. i had severe cramps during the post delivery period. i used to get relief by keeping hot water bottle on my belly.
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