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You are here : home > Post Delivery Issues > Post Delivery Diet > Post Delivery Diet for Improving Breastmilk Supply

Post Delivery Diet for Improving Breastmilk Supply

A good post delivery diet will help you to improve and have proper breastmilk supply. Read on to find tips for improving the breastmilk supply.

Human breastmilk is considered to be a perfect composition of nutrients to aid the growth and development of your baby. The perfect amalgamation of nutrients ensures the nourishment required by your baby through the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, vitals fats, proteins and sugars.

The baby is empowered with the disease fighting immunoglobulin to effectively protect him during his extremely vulnerable few months after birth. It is thereby natural that new mothers should pay special attention to their post delivery diet so that their breastmilk supply is constant and improved. Remember, you would require around 500+ calories in order to keep your breastmilk nutritionally dense.

How to Improve Breastmilk Supply?

Given below are a few factors that will help you to improve breastmilk supply.

Your Diet Should be Enough

This means that get enough to eat. Follow the advice of your dietician on how you can fill yourself up with food that has adequate nutritional requirements for both you and your baby. Your meals should provide you with enough calorie supply required for a healthy lactation.

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water and fruit juices throughout the day, to keep your entire system adequately hydrated. 2-3 quarts a day or some women might require a bit more, will ensure that your breastmilk supply is optimal.

One Warm Meal

Have at least one warm meal in a day. This means that it should comprise of high amounts of protein, a generous amount of green salad, whole grains like rice, wheat or millet, broiled or baked vegetables carrot, fennel or yam.

Use Lactogenic Spices

Use them in moderation to enhance and improve your breastmilk supply. Examples are basil and marjoram, dill or caraway, sea-salt or gomasio and if you do not mind, with garlic.

Stock On Good Fats

This refers to the essential fatty acids. They can be obtained from olive oil, clarified butter along with fresh water fishes like salmon, sardines, tuna, mackerel and nuts and seeds.

Take Lactobacilli Supplements

This can be in the form of probiotic yoghurt which effectively protects your intestinal flora. This can prevent allergy and colic problems in your baby.

Certain Herbs

Herbs like stinging nettle is very helpful in a post delivery diet. They help in replenishing the blood that you have lost during birth and thus improve circulation which in turn aids in breastmilk supply. Turmeric helps in preventing breast inflammation. Oat-straw nurtures the nerves and prevents nervous exhaustion common in post delivery. Besides, each of the above-mentioned herbs improves your breastmilk supply.

Chicken Soup

This is a traditional Chinese practice to simmer chicken bones for 3-4 hours, add some chicken fat and served during post delivery only once a week. Else it might over-stimulate the baby. This recipe is known to ward of baby blues, restore lost vitality and result in an abundance of milk supply.

In order to ensure a healthy growth and life of the baby it is essential that your attention towards your diet never slacks. The antibodies to diseases get transferred to your baby through your breastmilk. Over 80% of the cells in the breastmilk comprise of macrophages, cells that can effectively kill bacteria, fungi and a wide array of viruses; thereby keeping your baby protected. Breastmilk also contains over 100 ingredients that are not to be found in the best of formula milks. No baby is allergic to his mother’s milk, however, he may react to the diet of his mother.

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Sema.5 years ago
it would b better if you give the Indian or Hindi name of the spices that aid lactation
Maya.5 years ago
i m an Indian staying in U.S.A i wanted to know where can i get these lactogenic spices here
Sia.5 years ago
this article is nice......i am a new mother with 2 week old baby my baby is not able to feed properly due to poor milk production....
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