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You are here : home > Post Delivery Issues > Post Delivery Weight Loss > 10 Tips for Moms to Get Back Into Pre-Pregnancy Shape

10 Tips for Moms to Get Back Into Pre-Pregnancy Shape

Getting back in pre-pregnancy shape after delivery is a daunting task for most of the moms. If you follow these fitness tips, you can get back into your pre-pregnancy shape easily. Here are top 10 tips for mom to get back in pregnancy shape.

It is very normal to gain weight during your pregnancy and also after pregnancy. There is nothing to worry much about it. You can easily get back into your previous body shape if you follow some health regime post pregnancy. It needs a lot of dedication and patience to lose weight and get back into to shape. Here are 10 tips for you moms to get back into your pre-pregnancy shape.

1. Give Yourself Some Time

You need to give some quality time to yourself before getting on the spree to lose weight. This is because your body needs some time to get back into its pre pregnancy levels of hormones and pre-pregnancy blood volume levels. After your body adjusts to your present situation you can start of doing what is needful to lose your extra calories.

2. Calorie Intakes

Do not decrease your calorie intakes just after giving birth to the little one. It can be dreadful for you and your baby too. Your body needs food to heal after pregnancy. Also your body needs those extra calories because you are breastfeeding your baby. The extra calories help in the milk production for your baby.

3. Breastfeed Your Baby

Breastfeeding your baby burns those extra calories. So even if you increase your calorie intake you will manage to lose weight safely if you breastfeed your baby. But once you stop breastfeeding start checking your calorie intakes.

4. Eat Healthy Snacks

Crave for eating continues even after pregnancy. You should be very sure about eating healthy foods even when it comes to snacks. Keep low fat food like yoghurt for your snacks and it will have double benefits of checking your fat intake as well as drawing essential calcium from it.

5. Drink Water

It is of utmost importance to drink lots of water if you want to burn your extra calories because the body will not burn calories if you are dehydrated. In addition to this water brings a glow in your skin that is notice worthy.

6. Go For a Walk

Doing daily exercise is the best way to lose weight. But post pregnancy the body remains exhausted to do any kinds of exercise, so walking is the next best option. Put your baby in the pram and go for a walk. Going out in the fresh air and meeting people will also help you remove stress and exhaustion.

7. Get a Good Sleep

You need at least seven hours sleep every night to maintain a healthy body. If you are sleep starved it is possible that you may gain weight.

8. Eat Small Meals

Do not overeat at once. Eat small meals at regular intervals so that you remain full for the rest of the day. This will also make you feel energetic.

9. Do Not Skip Meals

You do not need to skip meals to bring back your pre pregnancy shape. If you skip meals you will feel hungry and you will be tempted to eat whatever you find in front of you even if that means a high fat food.

10.  Exercise

It is quite natural to feel lethargic and exhausted after having your baby that you want to sleep whenever the little time you get. But this may not help you in losing those extra calories that you have gained during your pregnancy. You have to follow some fitness regimes and do daily exercises that you used to do before getting pregnant to maintain in shape.

Getting back into your pre pregnancy shape is important to keep healthy but that does not mean you will starve yourself. Starving and skipping meals can be dreadful for you and your baby. Eat healthy foods in proper proportions and exercise daily for getting your previous body shape.

Is it possible to get back into the pre-pregnancy easily? When should new moms start their fitness regimen to get back in shape? What kind of diet is essential to get back in pre-pregnancy shape easily? Discuss here.

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Sonia.2 years ago
Following good eating habits is very necessary to get back in pre-pregnancy shape.
Shweta.2 years ago
It takes a lot of hard work and strict control over diet to get back in pre-pregnancy shape.
Simran.2 years ago
It is not easy to get back in shape after delivery. I tried a lot but not able to. I has been 2 years now.
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