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You are here : home > Post Delivery Issues > Post Delivery Weight Loss > Safe Post Delivery Exercises

Safe Post Delivery Exercises

Certain exercises may cause harm to the post delivery body of woman. Therefore, it is necessary to practice safe exercises post delivery. Let us have a look at some safe post delivery exercises.

Before discussing types of
post delivery exercises, it is important to remember that the body requires a certain amount of time to recover from pregnancy and childbirth. Besides the time taken to return to shape depends on a variety of factors like whether you had a caesarean section or a vaginal delivery apart from the various associated conditions of your body. It is always thereby suggested that seek the counsel of your physician and trainer before deciding on an exercise regimen to lose post delivery weight. Given below are few effective and safe post delivery exercises.

Kegel Exercise

This is the easiest and safest exercise that can prove to highly effective during post delivery. In fact doctors advise to start and be persistent with Kegels within a few hours after delivery. The exercise involves pulling in the muscles surrounding the vagina, whose tissues might have become loose during delivery. It not only helps to naturally, safely and effectively constrict the muscles but also helps you to fight of post delivery difficulties like incontinence. It strengthens the pelvic floor. Besides it also prepares you for sexual intercourse sooner. The best part is that Kegels can be done while sitting or lying down and anytime and anywhere. You just need to be consistent with it.

Pelvic Tilts

Pregnancy and childbirth cause heavy trauma on the pelvic region. So you need to provide extra and early care for the recovery of this part. Pelvic tilts are a safe way to strengthen the pelvic floor, your lower back and fight weight gain that has happened during pregnancy. Ask your doctor about when you should be starting with the exercise. You simply need to lie on the floor, bend your knees and place both your feet on the floor. Your hands should lie beside you and palms should face the ceiling. Now exhale slowly and tilt your pelvis while keeping your lower back firmly on the floor. Slowly inhale while arching your back, and note that your tailbone must be pressed onto the floor. You will attain a slight rocking motion while doing the tilts. This should be repeated in sets of 5-10 for around 3-4 times a week.


This is the simplest and the most effective way to lose post delivery weight. This is a light, non-stressful and enjoyable activity apart from being a convenient one. You can have a breath of fresh air, walk around the green park or the neighbourhood and also take your baby along in his cute stroller. In order to lose the post delivery flab successfully, chart out a walking routine for five days a week gradually increasing the time from 10 minutes to an hour.


Yoga must always be performed under a certified trainer. It is a safe and effective way to lose post delivery weight. It helps in strengthening your entire body and also helps to fight stress. Yoga helps in the restoration of the core muscles and enhances the flexibility of your body. It can also fight off the depression that naturally sets in for many women during post delivery. Thereby aiding weight loss as depression is known to be a hindrance to fight weight loss as it kills weight loss apart from inducing binge eating.

Remember; in an effort to shed those pounds do not embark on a high intensity exercise routine. Although, such routine like biking, high-impact cardio or running might offer faster results, but your body will have to endure irreparable damage in the process. The trauma of pregnancy and delivery needs time to heal and therefore the light exercises are the safest bet during post delivery.

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Stevens.5 years ago
are these exercises as mentioned in this article really safe? won't kegels exercises affect the stitches if done just after delivery....and i think walking should also be done after some recovery
Kruttika.5 years ago
thank you for such a good article, please provide more information on yoga after delivery.. it will be very helpful for all the mothers...
Larry.5 years ago
these exercises are quite safe and will aid in recovery after delivery. Kegels can be done soon after delivery.
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