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You are here : home > Post Delivery Issues > Post Delivery Weight Loss > Tips for Post Delivery Weight Loss

Tips for Post Delivery Weight Loss

How long does it take to get back in a pre-pregnancy shape? When to start a post delivery weight loss regimen? Which type of diet aids post delivery weight loss? Read on to find answers to all these questions.

Losing that extra flab during the post delivery period can be as challenging as getting an eight hours sleep at night for an insomniac. A lot many women are found to struggle with
post delivery weight loss. However, it has been proved time and again that with a few healthy and regular practices, post delivery weight loss challenges can be successfully handled. It is a commonplace occurrence to gain weight during the post delivery period. Build up some simple habits and that extra flab that has been creeping on you since your pregnancy will steadily shed off. Given below are some tips to this effect:

Healthy Diet and Not Just Diet

Many people feel that the only effective and surest way to shed weight is through dieting. Being a nursing mother you need to take care that your body’s nutritional requirements are met. After all, your baby is also dependant on you for his nutritional requirements. So do not get into any diet fads. Instead, seek an appointment with a certified dietician and chalk out a diet plan that will help you get back into shape fast. Ensure that all the essential nutrients, vital vitamins, minerals, fibre and good fats are there in your daily diet.

Avoid eating out as you will pile up on calories from those sizzlers or cheesecakes. Home cooked whole foods are great for a healthy body and keeps you fit for a regular workout. Choose lean meats and pulses, trade that beef and pork for fish.

Exercise Every Day

Regular workouts are very important when you are aiming for post delivery weight loss. Consult an expert trainer along with your doctor on the type of exercises that are recommended for you. Do not experiment at this stage or try out the exercises on your own. Remember, you are still in the healing process after childbirth and so need monitoring. The best way to prepare your body for a workout is through regular walking, it is not only a warm-up exercise but an effective one to safely lose weight as well. Walk for an hour in the park or garden, take your baby along in his stroller and you are sure to enjoy! Yoga is also an excellent way to lose post delivery weight.

The most vital point to remember here is that nothing shows results overnight. Remember that you have not piled up those kilos overnight and you will also not lose them in an instant. So be patient and be diligent. And yes, you also need to turn off the television. Being a couch potato will not help you in your cause.


It is a myth that breastfeeding your baby do not allow you to get back into shape. Not only the baby needs mother’s milk, but there are numerous studies to prove that regularly breastfeeding the baby help mother to gradually lose weight. In fact 600 calories can be spent in a day by just breastfeeding your baby!

Plan Your Next Child after Some Time

Women who plan two consecutive pregnancies for various reasons find it harder to lose post delivery weight. The body requires at least a couple of years’ time to get fully fit for another pregnancy, so allow yourself that time. Relax, enjoy your motherhood and take time through healthy habits to get back to your optimal weight and only then think of another pregnancy. You will be in a better position to fight the flab of your next pregnancy too.

Drink Water

This is a simple formula to keep your system hydrated and also an effective means to induce weight loss. Drinking water throughout the day curbs those hunger pangs that you have been used to for quite some time. 

Have Pregnancy Tea

This is an herbal remedy that is known to induce weight loss. Replete with essential prenatal vitamins this organic tea when taken during the post delivery stage is found to be quite effective. Made from raspberry, yellow dock, afalfa, oat straw, red clover, nettles, peppermint and lemon balm, the tea is also a toxic cleanser, natural uplifter and mood enhancer.

These simple tips can bring about natural post delivery weight loss effectively. It has been found that over 75% of women have lost post delivery weight successfully by following the right post delivery weight loss regimen compared to women who did not.

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Sabah.6 years ago
Easy tips for post delivery weight loss. anybody can do at home....great to lose weight in a healthy way...
Bina.6 years ago
Losing weight post delivery was stressful for me but this article helped clear my doubts and i made a heal;thy weight loss plan.....
Sohena.6 years ago
thanks for such a good article... it helped me and cleared my doubts.
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