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Importance of Children's Day

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It was Pandit Nehru's dream that all the children of the nation must be educated. In memory of this great leader and to honor his love for children, November 14 is celebrated in India as Children’s day.

14th November is celebrated as Children’s Day in India on the occasion of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday. It is also known as Bal-Din in India. Many children across the world suffer from so many atrocities. We must ensure that the rights of children are protected and they are not exploited. It is said that God is closest to children because their hearts and minds are so pure. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru believed that children must be provided with love and care as the future of a nation lies in their hands. Children truly deserve a day that is dedicated to them.

Children's Day Across the World

All across the world, different countries celebrate Children’s Day. Children are the picture of innocence and everybody loves children. It is a day specially set aside to honor children and celebrate their presence. This day is dedicated to children and everybody tries their best to make children happy on this day.

Universally, Children’s day takes place on November 20th. The United Nations has declared this day as Children’s day. This day is intended to promote the welfare and wellbeing of children and also to celebrate childhood. Although November 20th is celebrated worldwide as Children’s day, different countries have their own special day to celebrate Children’s day.

Children’s Day in India

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who was the first Prime Minister of India, was very fond of children. After his death in 1964, every year his birthday (14 November) is celebrated as Children’s day in India. The world may remember him as the first Indian Prime Minister and a skilled politician, but for children he was Chacha Nehru. Children always affectionately called him as Chacha. Chacha in Hindi means ‘uncle. ’

Apart from being a polished and astute statesman, Nehru was immensely fond of being in the company of children. Many of his pictures show him in the company of children enjoying their presence. When children would talk to him, Nehru would listen with keen interest and concentration. It is said that once a child pinned a rose on his jacket and ever since then he started wearing a rose on his jacket. He believed that children are the future of a nation and educating children is a step towards the progress of a nation.

Children’s Day Celebrations in India

On this day, children go to school dressed in colored clothes. Unlike other days, they do not have to wear their uniforms on this day. Cultural activities like songs, dances and skits are held for the children. Many times, it is the teachers who dress up and stage programs for the children. Sweets are distributed to the children and they are also given some other snacks and gifts. Various other competitions like quiz programs, drawing competitions, elocutions and fancy dress contests are also held for the children.

Many corporates also hold events on this day for the children of their employees. Basically, children are pampered on this day with goodies and other things as this is their special day. For school children especially it is a special treat and a day of complete fun and frolic as they are exempted from studies and do not have to wear uniforms.  This day is considered to be one among every child’s favorite day. It is a time for festivities and a day to rejoice for the nation’s young ones.

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Sushmita.3 years ago
good one and nice information. the best way to celebrate this day is to do something great such as doing something for underprivileged kids or kids with special needs.
Sulochna.3 years ago
nice information. I was unaware of children's day across the world. Thanks for posting this article.
Pavitra.3 years ago
very nice article...we should explain the significance of children's day to our kids so that they know how to celebrate it in a fruitful manner.
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