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Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am in the 28th week of pregnancy. Please let me know the different postures I can assume while sitting/sleeping. I have been told that a wrong posture might lead to a coiling of the cord around the baby later on. I am highly concerned that I might make an unnecessary mistake by assuming the wrong posture. Please advise.
Jayanti (Dubai, UAE)

A: It is always better in pregnancy to sleep in the left lateral position--it improves the uteroplacental flow to the is also advised not to sit in the squatting position or in the later months of pregnancy on the floor especially once the head is fixed.

Q: What is the correct position to lie in the bed when pregnant?
Aarti (Chennai, India)

A: The best position to lie down is the LEFT LATERAL POSITION (sleep on the left hand side) to improve foetal blood circulation.

Q: (1) In which month does milk start forming in the breast? (2) What is the advisable position of sleeping in the eight month?
Yashodha (Mahabaleshwar, India)

A: Milk formation in the breast takes place from the initial months of pregnancy---it can be expressed from the breast in primi patients as early as 16 weeks of gestation. Its best to sleep if possible in the left lateral position---it helps improve the utero-placental circulation.

Q: My sister-in-law is in her fourth monthof pregnancy. She sleeps with a pillow between my thighs. Can this harm her unborn child?
Neelu (Memphis, U.S.A)

A: It is perfectly okay. Do not worry at all. This habit will not have any effect on the baby.

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